Friday, April 29, 2011

Sephora Haul

Since Sephora had a couple of things I've been wanting, and seeing as how my last Sephora haul was this past Christmas i decided to place a small order. I've always loved Sephora and always been very pleased with the service I have received there and this time is no different. Sephora sent me all of the items I ordered, and I received my order within four days of placing my order which to me was outstanding, with other places it's taken me anywhere from 7-10 days or longer to get my purchases.

Haul includes:
Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box
Stila Artist Inspiration Palette
Stila Stunning in Sayulita Collectible Beach Palette No. 1
Stila Fabulous in Fiji
Free Deluxe Sample Too Faced Primed & Poreless
Free Sample Lola by Marc Jacobs
Free Sample Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation
Free Sample Eshu face scrub

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYX Ultra Pearl

Purchased from: CherryCulture
Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide
Price I paid: $1.99 each
Grade: A-

My Opinion: These little bottles pack a huge punch of pigmentation, these are probably one of the most pigmented eyeshadow products I've ever used. If you buy these I can't stress enough that a little goes a long way. All of these are also very shimmery but not glittery which I love. For $1.99 this product is a steal, I love these little bottles so much. They may not seem very big but you will probably have each bottle a long time because it only takes a very tiny amount to do your whole eye. These have excellent staying power, I used each of these without a primer and let me tell you they last, and last. Also these do not bother my eyes at all, I've worn these several times and never had any sort of problems out of them, and they have no smell so if you are sensitive to that these wont be a bother to you. I only really have one complaint, seeing as how these are loose power these can be messy to apply and use, but considering how much i love these I'm willing to overlook that part and do a little work to remove any sort of fallout or mess that may occur. These also do not have to be used as eyeshadow, these can be used anywhere you want a touch of color and shimmer. I highly recommend buying at least a few of these, at the price you can't beat it.Again this is a product that i prefer to buy from Cherryculture due to the price but you can also pick these up at Ulta but they will be a little more expensive there.

NYX Round Lipstick

Purchased from: CherryCulture
Price I paid: $2.50
Grade: A-

My Opinion: I absolutely love these lipsticks I really don't have many complaints with these lipsticks. These are very creamy, moisturizing, and all these shades are shimmery which I love. I like that these have the lipstick colors in the bottom, so you can always see what color you are picking up without even removing the cap. With these lipsticks what you see as far as color goes is what you get, and I also love the fact that NYX has a ton of color selection to choose from with these. To me for $2.50 these lipsticks was defiantly worth the buy, another thing that I like about these lipsticks is that even though they are a cheap lipstick they do not feel like one, when i put these on I feel as if I've just put on one of my more expensive lipsticks. These do have a bit of a smell to me, they smell a little like suntan lotion or maybe a little like soap, but the scent is very soft and pleasant and I really don't mind it at all, in fact i kind of like it. Even though I do think these are wonderful lipsticks I do have one complaint. I do not like the fact that the color labels are on the lids because if you have the lids off of 2 or more at a time and do not pay attention you can easily get the caps mixed up and forget what color is what if you have several shades that are almost similar. Which is exactly what has happened to me when I did this review. i started taking the caps off and wasn't thinking and now I have 3 of the colors mixed up and now I'm not sure what color is what. I'm so used to lipstick shade colors being on the bottom that when I took the caps off I didn't think to pay attention to the caps, and set them to the side. so now the only colors of these five that i know for sure is Darling and Jupiter, the other three are totally mixed up, which is why i didn't label all of the colors in the photo. Other that that I'm very happy with these lipsticks and in the future I'm sure I will be buying more. If you want to try these for yourself you can pick some up anywhere NYX products are sold or you can do like me, you can buy from CherryCulture since they have the best deals on NYX products.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makeup Storage and Makeup Table - Updated

There is a whole new updated post on my blog at this link if you are curious about what my makeup table, storage and collection looks like currently.

Well after trying to go with a pink and black theme for my makeup area, that did not work out. Seeing as how our overall theme is beachy, classy, blues, greens, brown, tan, and and black for my makeup area wasn't getting it at all! Plus to me after I started working with it, the pink theme didn't feel very grown up to me, even though I love pink i hate to say it but I've grown past it. So after contemplating taking my makeup storage area back, since it was the awful pink and black color, my husband came up with the idea of painting it for me, so finally i agreed to let him paint the drawers (and now that I've seen it painted I've been thinking about painting the outside shell of it brown). So my husband took me to several local stores and let me pick whatever theme color and things that i wanted for my makeup area, and i decided to go with Tiffany blue, which blends wonderfully with our overall theme and looks a heck of a lot better than what it looked like when i first started my makeup area project. My husband reluctantly gave in and did let me purchase a few acrylic organizers which turned out nicely, which he cringed at the plastic but given that it was just 2 tiny pieces, has learned to live with it. I'm still not finished with my makeup table seeing as how I need a mirror or two, a bench / stool, maybe some brown paint and some various other little odds and ends that I have planned however I would say my makeup storage, beauty bookcase, and makeup table are 75% done.

what my makeup storage area looked like before (I did not paint it pink and black when we bought it, it only came in pink and black)

Painting Day!


My makeup table with a new theme

DIY Nail Polish Rack

I've been wanting a nail polish rack for sometime now, and thought i wanted an acrylic nail polish rack, however my husband pretty much talked me out of the acrylic and talked me into getting something wood, which would look nicer. Well after looking for what seems like forever we found out they do not make nice nail polish racks, we couldn't even find an acrylic one form a reputable store. So I looked around some more and stumbled upon this, which my husband stained for me, and you know what? I LOVE IT, who needs an acrylic nail polish rack when you can make your own!

Color Before Staining

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Makeup Storage & Stash

When i bought my makeup table i thought i knew exactly what i wanted as far as makeup storage and the overall look would go, I was wrong. I thought I'd get those muji containers and call it a day, however my husband wouldn't let me bring anything plastic in the house, he wanted me to get something nicer and preferably cherry wood drawers like the muji drawers. Well that's what i wanted as well, which i did look for long before i bought my makeup table and i knew no such thing existed, at least not that i could find, because honestly i wasn't keen on plastic either. Well my husband went on a quest to find me better makeup storage. Well he finally realized they don't make cherry wood drawers like the Muji containers however we did find one gem, it's not cherry wood, but it is wooden, and very good quality, very heavy, and way bigger than i had planned.
While at first i had my reservations about it, i thought i could sit it under my makeup table so we went ahead and bought it, however when we bought it home it was too big by a drawer to fit under it, and too top heavy to sit on my makeup table so we had to find it a new home in the floor. Now i really like it and i'm glad i bought it. I do plan on changing the colors of it one day to more suitable colors but for now it works. Plus after getting all of my makeup in it i realized the size was perfect and my collection has a lot more room to grow now, and i also realized my makeup never would have fit in two muji containers. As for what i plan to do with my makeup table now, well i kind of have three "beauty" areas now, my makeup table, makeup storage, and beauty bookcase. The makeup table i plan to decorate  nicely, and use it to set some things on, get a nice mirror, and chair/stool, and probably place wooden storage baskets along the bottom of it. I cleaned out my beauty bookcase yesterday and threw away 99% of all my ELF cosmetics eye makeup (since it caused me eye problems) i kept two liquid liners because i thought i could use them for other things one day. I also straightened up my beauty bookcase so now it don't look cluttered. Overall so far i'm very happy with the way my "makeup storage project" is going.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NYX Haul From CherryCulture

My NYX haul came in a much smaller than expected box!

After hearing A LOT of things about NYX I decided to give it a try and decided to order from cherryculture which that was also a first for me. After looking around at all of the different products NYX has I found several things I wanted to try, in fact I went a little crazy as you can see, mostly with lipgloss / lipstick. With the gloss I got a variety of different colors. I have to admit i LOVE pink gloss but i also decided to pick up some nude shades which i don't have very many of at all. With the pearl eyeshadows, i owned two before i purchased and i loved both of those so much i decided to buy several more. I also got 3 blushes two powder and one cream, before this cream blush i had never owned a cream blush, so i can't wait to try that out. The positive things i noticed is that all my order was there, and was correct, and they packaged it very well, plus the shipping time was reasonable. I'm very excited to swatch and try all of my new NYX products, be on the look out for a lot of new reviews!

NYX Round Lipgloss Strawberry
NYX Round Lipgloss Peach
NYX Round Lipgloss Queen Of Africa
NYX Round Lipgloss Baby Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss Apricot
NYX Round Lipgloss Natural
NYX Round Lipgloss Pinky Natural
NYX Round Lipgloss Whipped
NYX Round Lipgloss Sorbet
NYX Round Lipgloss Red Tint
NYX Round Lipgloss Soap Opera Queen
NYX Round Lipgloss 24K
NYX Round Lipgloss Honey
NYX Round Lipgloss Ballerina Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss Sparkle
NYX Round Lipgloss Doll Pink
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss Pink Frost
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss Golden Pink
NYX Powder Blush Peach
NYX Powder Blush Pinched
NYX Rouge Cream Blush Glow
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Lime
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Sky Pink
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Mink
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Mocha
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Oro
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania True Purple
NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick Sparkling Dusty Rose
NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick Sparkling Salmon
NYX Round Lipstick Margarita
NYX Round Lipstick Jupiter
NYX Round Lipstick Vitamin
NYX Round Lipstick Indian Pink
FREE Cherry Culture BubbleGum Lip Balm

Monday, April 11, 2011

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze

I bought these mainly just to try them out because i was curious. Oasis is the top color which is kind of a shimmery rose pinkish color, and fuchsia which is a hot sparkling pink is on the bottom. I must say the colors are very beautiful, and i do like using the colored gloss side, which to me smells a little like berries. However the lip plumper, i can not bring myself to use, the smell makes me sick. To me the plumping gloss smells exactly like vicks save, which if you have never used vicks it's really menthol and it's stuff you are supposed to put on your chest when you have a cold and breathe it in to open up your sinuses. I never could stand the smell of vicks and i sure can not stand the smell of the plumping side of this gloss so I have never used it to know if it actually plumps your lips, however if you have a cold and want to use this pumping side as a gloss i guess the bonus part is it might help your sinuses out lol The size of each end of the gloss is a little over a inch, the whole product is 4 inches maybe a little smaller. To me it was worth the dollar because as i said i do love the colored gloss end and do use it a lot, even though i don't use the plumper i do plan to buy more of these simply just to use the colored sides. Other than the bad smell of the plumper i don't really have anything bad to say about the product. If you want to try one of these for yourself it's only a $1 and you can buy at or any place that sells elf cosmetics such as Kmart.

ELF Studio Brushes

left to right - elf studio flat top powder brush, elf studio small precision brush, elf studio stipple brush, elf studio contour brush, elf studio eyeshadow c brush, elf studio complexion brush, elf studio small angled brush, elf studio blush brush

These brushes are probably some of my favorite things I have purchased from ELF. I bought one to try them and loved it so much i bought a lot more. I have not one bad thing to say about the ELF Studio brushes. They are very sturdy brushes, and very soft brushes. I wasn't expecting them to be as nice as they are when i bought my first one but i have to say for $3.00 each these are absolutely wonderful brushes. I've used these for several months now and have not had any shedding, no bleeding/fading, no breakage. My favorite brush of the ones i bought so far is the Eyeshadow C brush, it it outstanding, i use it every single time i apply eyeshadow. I highly recommend these brushes, especially if you don't see the point in spending $25.00 on a makeup brush but still want a nice brush. If you are interested in trying these brushes they are $3.00 and you can buy them from or any where elf cosmetics are sold. Just a helpful tip when they have sales on studio product you can sometimes get the studio brushes 2 for $3.00.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

China Glaze Shocking Pink

China Glaze Shocking Pink

Less than 8 hours later (sorry camera flash washed the color out) In this picture you can see where it chipped in four places and peeled off in one other.

I purchased this product as part of my first Ulta haul. I made three China Glaze purchases that day based on all the hype and the fact that "everyone had bought tons of them". I choose Shocking Pink as one of my colors due to the fact it seemed like a true neon pink, which i have not bought that color in years and missed it. Of the three colors i bought this is one i was looking forward to the most as far as the China Glazes go. I finally got around to using it today and let me tell you if all China Glaze polishes are like this, than i absolutely hate China Glaze and will never buy another bottle. When i applied the first coat, it dried similar to most neon polishes I've had before, very very matte, as matte as it gets, no shine nothing. Well after applying 3 coats i had places on my nails that wasn't covered very well at all, so i put on four coats...same problem, than 5 and than 6. Finally at six coats i said heck with it. Some of my nails covered well, while others in places you could see my nail still, which appeared as a dark spot. The first coat dried ok than it seems like from coat two on it took FOREVER to dry. I didn't apply a top coat or a bottom coat, given the popularity and that I had heard it was good about not chipping, i wanted to see just how long my polish lasted. Well it lasted a total of 2 hours before it started chipping, i went to the store after i did my nails and when i came home, my nails was chipped in two different places. so i decided to put on a top coat and after that i decided to go swimming, since it was a nice day, not ten minutes after getting in the water i noticed my polish began developing cracked places all over it (which I've never seen happen before ever) and than the cracked places started lifting up off of my nails and the polish started pealing off. Now with not even 8 hours of wear my nails are shot and now i need to completely redo them, but with a different brand of nail polish. The only good thing about this polish is the color, it really is a true neon pink and it's really pretty, if you are into neon colors, but that is about all it has going for it.I expected so much out of this polish and didn't even get one day of wear, very disappointing, considering how much hype I've heard about China Glaze. I really thought China Glaze was going to be a great product, however it turns out that my $1.99 bottle of sinful colors from Walgreens is 10 times better than this polish. I have not tried my other 2 bottles of China Glaze, but judging by this color i sure do not recommend buying Shocking Pink, the verdict is still out on the other two, hopefully they can live up to all of the hype, but after this I'm doubtful.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush Natural

When I saw happy booster blush i knew i HAD to have it, so i decided to buy it in Natural. I have to say this is probably the cutest makeup item i have ever bought. As you can see it has the cutest hearts imprinted all over it, even on the lid, and it comes in a pretty hot pink metallic case. Natural has kind of a light pink color when I apply it, which is great for light skin tones or winter skin.If you have a darker to medium skin tone i suggest buying the product in the color rose which will show up a lot better on your skin tone. It has a mirror in the bottom and a small brush which is great for on the go. As for this claim that the product can boost your happiness, well i guess in a sense it can because every time i do pull this blush out to use i find myself smiling. I did not find any draw backs to this product at all. It was not powdery, it was long lasting, and i did not having any side effects from using this product. Overall I love this blush and recommend buying it. If you are interested in buying a Happy Booster for yourself, you can pick one up at Ulta, Target or any other location that carries Physicians Formula and the price is around $11.99 each, and Happy Booster also comes in a few shades of bronzer as well, but the bronzer is a couple of dollars more.

What's In My Makeup Bag - April

Cover Girl Pressed Powder
Kabuki Brush
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
ELF Bronzing Powder Luminescence
ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick Raspberry
Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast lip Balm
Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Handi Bac
Ulta Lipgloss Flirtini

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My New Makeup Table

So after using a bookshelf for about a year to store all of my makeup and beauty supplies, i finally outgrew it. My makeup and beauty stash no longer fits on a 5 shelf bookcase, so i have to have more storage space. After looking for makeup tables and not finding any in our local area that suited me, i moved on to something else. At first i looked at a desk to turn into a makeup table, but that idea didn't work out. Than i happened to bump into something else that i loved. After thinking it over for a night i decided to purchase it and turn it into a makeup table. This lovely piece of furniture is actually a cherry wood sofa table. However for me it's perfect to turn into a makeup table. It's long, wide enough, tall enough, i can easily buy a mirror to hang and use one of our kitchen chairs with it or buy a nice looking stool to use with it. The bottom part can either be used as storage for the stool or i can buy can baskets to place along to bottom and store various beauty items in them. The only bad thing with buying a non conventional makeup table is that with this i have to be a little more careful than normal or it will get scratched so i either have to buy some felt and cut it to size of everything i sit on it, or i came up with the idea of using placemats, which i think will work well to protect the wood and finish. As for what i plan to put makeup, nail polish and brushes in, well for the makeup I'm probably going to buy some acrylic storage containers, for nail polish as a lot of you know I'll be using an acrylic nail polish rack if i can ever find one to buy from a reputable business, and for makeup brushes I've picked out some glass containers and filler that i plan on buying when i can for all of my brushes. I'm not sure how many acrylic makeup storage containers to buy, I'll probably buy two to begin with and see how it holds everything.

my new cherry wood makeup table, this picture makes it look darker than it really is.

the detail on my makeup table

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sinful Colors Purple Diamond

Since I've been pretty busy i haven't had much time to add any new blog posts. However that all changes today. I'm reviewing Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Purple Diamond.

After hearing a lot of people rave about sinful colors i decided to buy two bottles and give it a try, mainly to see if it lives up to it's hype. Given that the price of the polishes was $1.99 I really was not expecting much. So about a week ago I decided to put two coats of purple diamond on my nails with no top coat and no bottom coat, just to see how well it would do on it's on. Purple Diamond as you can see is a very sheer yet very pretty lilac color with a silver sheen, much prettier than i expected to be, I had been searching for a color exactly like this, so I've very happy with how it turned out. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after 4 days i had no chips on my nails. It ended up wearing all though the forth day with no chips and the very next morning i started devolving chips in the polish. I was very surprised because i figured within 1-2 days it would be all chipped and ugly looking. I would imagine with a good top and bottom coat it would have worn a whole lot longer without chips. Overall i very happy with it, the price is great and the wear i got from it was great considering no top or bottom coat was applied. If you have not already tried Sinful Colors I do recommend trying, and if you want to pick up a bottle you can purchase these at Walgreens for $1.99.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Body Splash Collection

Over the years I have devolved a love of body splashes and out of that love came my body splash collection. It started with just a few bottles and soon grew to what you see here, and it will continue to grow. All of my body splashes come from either bath & body works or victorias secret, however i do have one from Hollister. In some cases I have 2-3 of the same scent if I really like it. I do use all of my splashes if you are wondering, i just never smell like the same thing every day. I'm constantly adding to my collection, as i use a scent up a buy a new one to replace what i used, also if new scents come out that I like I always end up adding those to my collection. I guess it is one of my odder beauty obsessions, I've never seen someone with a body splash collection before except myself, but i enjoy collecting them. I've been looking for some new body splashes to try, so if any one knows of any I might enjoy feel free to comment and let me know. I saw where Ulta has what looks like some nice new body splashes and I've been wanting to try a few of those, which i probably will try a few with my next haul to see what they are like I'm particular interested in Fresh Lilac, Water Blossom, Pink Petals, Lush Pear, Lavender Woods, & Freshwater Mist. Has anyone tried any of the new Ulta Body Splashes, if so what did you think of them?