Wednesday, April 6, 2011

China Glaze Shocking Pink

China Glaze Shocking Pink

Less than 8 hours later (sorry camera flash washed the color out) In this picture you can see where it chipped in four places and peeled off in one other.

I purchased this product as part of my first Ulta haul. I made three China Glaze purchases that day based on all the hype and the fact that "everyone had bought tons of them". I choose Shocking Pink as one of my colors due to the fact it seemed like a true neon pink, which i have not bought that color in years and missed it. Of the three colors i bought this is one i was looking forward to the most as far as the China Glazes go. I finally got around to using it today and let me tell you if all China Glaze polishes are like this, than i absolutely hate China Glaze and will never buy another bottle. When i applied the first coat, it dried similar to most neon polishes I've had before, very very matte, as matte as it gets, no shine nothing. Well after applying 3 coats i had places on my nails that wasn't covered very well at all, so i put on four coats...same problem, than 5 and than 6. Finally at six coats i said heck with it. Some of my nails covered well, while others in places you could see my nail still, which appeared as a dark spot. The first coat dried ok than it seems like from coat two on it took FOREVER to dry. I didn't apply a top coat or a bottom coat, given the popularity and that I had heard it was good about not chipping, i wanted to see just how long my polish lasted. Well it lasted a total of 2 hours before it started chipping, i went to the store after i did my nails and when i came home, my nails was chipped in two different places. so i decided to put on a top coat and after that i decided to go swimming, since it was a nice day, not ten minutes after getting in the water i noticed my polish began developing cracked places all over it (which I've never seen happen before ever) and than the cracked places started lifting up off of my nails and the polish started pealing off. Now with not even 8 hours of wear my nails are shot and now i need to completely redo them, but with a different brand of nail polish. The only good thing about this polish is the color, it really is a true neon pink and it's really pretty, if you are into neon colors, but that is about all it has going for it.I expected so much out of this polish and didn't even get one day of wear, very disappointing, considering how much hype I've heard about China Glaze. I really thought China Glaze was going to be a great product, however it turns out that my $1.99 bottle of sinful colors from Walgreens is 10 times better than this polish. I have not tried my other 2 bottles of China Glaze, but judging by this color i sure do not recommend buying Shocking Pink, the verdict is still out on the other two, hopefully they can live up to all of the hype, but after this I'm doubtful.

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