Friday, September 2, 2011

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Review

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm - Honeysuckle Honeydew
Grade: A
Purchase Price: $3.29
Purchase Place: Ulta
Plus: 100% natural flavor, not tested on animals, petrolatum & paraben free, contains shea butter and vitamin e, goes on clear

This is one of those products that everywhere I turned online I saw. From YouTube, to message boards, and other blogs. Everywhere i went everyone was raving about this product in various flavors. Just given all of the hype and how cute it looked I absolutely HAD to have this lip balm. However I never could find this product to purchase locally. I looked everywhere from drugstores, to wal-mart, target etc and no one seemed to carry this lip balm. Until one day Ulta got this product in and I picked one up. I was so excited to have my little EOS lip balm i looked high and low for. As soon as i got home I opened it and tried it out, and yes to me it lives up to all of the hype. The flavor / scent alone is enough to make me adore this little lip balm. The flavor and scent is beyond wonderful to me. I've always liked Honeysuckle, and when i saw this flavor it was something I had never came across before yet just seemed to be something I would love despite how odd/rare the flavor combo is. I find the actual product it's self to be great, it's moisturizing and seems to last longer on my lips than any lip balm I've ever used before. I tend to apply my EOS lip balm a lot just simply because I love the flavor and want to keep it on my lips all the time. I also adore the packaging it's the cutest lip balm I've ever seen and yet slightly odd as well. It comes in this little sphere that is flat on the bottom. When I twist the top off it reveals this big dome shaped lip balm that's sure to last me a long time. It's very travel friendly, It's small, the top fits securely and I never seem to have a problem finding this in the bottom of my purse. I have nothing bad to say about this product. It's a decent price and a wonderful product that to me more than lives up to the hype. If you are interested in purchasing one of these I highly recommend them. They come in four flavors summer fruit, sweet mint, lemon drop, and honeysuckle honeydew. 

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