Friday, October 25, 2013

Bought me a few new things...

I bought me a SC Salt Life Tee.

 I also bought me a SC keychain

 Some new SC decals.

and a Kiel James Patrick anchor bracelet.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Coach Factory Store Haul

I decided to stop by one of our local outlet malls and as always I went in Coach. I really didn't plan on buying as much as I did. I had only planned to pick up one or two items, but I went just a little wild and picked up more then that. What can I say, I couldn't help myself!

The first item that I picked up was a checkbook / wallet type thing. I needed something like this, and didn't have anything like it from Coach so I picked one up. It's a reddish orange kind of color but my photos make it appear more red.

Now this item is a boutique item that went to the outlet. I had loojked at it on when it first came out and was mildly interested in it. However I don't pay full price for Coach any more I just moved on. Well when I went into the outlet, there it sat! I couldn't resist once I saw it. I love the color of it, it's bright coral on the outside and on the inside it's a lime / yellowish green kind of color.

The next item I picked up was a cellphone case. I have one from Vera Bradley but didn't have one from Coach so I picked one up. I like this one a bit more then my VB one, it's more slim and not as bulky.

The next item I bought was a little Coach Poppy purse spray. I'm kind of surprised I bought this myself since I had kind of gotten out of the whole beauty collecting thing. However I decided to pick one up and try it, since I've never had a Coach perfume before.

I also picked up a new Coach ponytail scarf. I always try to pick up one or two when I go to the outlet because I love adding scarf bows to my handbags. They only had one I liked and this is the one I got.

I also picked up two key chains. This key fob is one I also had looked at and loved on I of course did not want to pay full price and low and behold it showed up at the outlet so I picked it up. I adore the neon yellow color and have a purse it will look great on as a charm.

The last one I picked up was this cute little beachy one that I fell in love with and just had to have. I picked one up the last time I was at the outlet and ended up putting it back and regretting it. Well they still had it and I got me one!

Here are the two key fobs together.

Here is everything that I bought all together as one big happy Coach family!