Friday, April 1, 2011

Body Splash Collection

Over the years I have devolved a love of body splashes and out of that love came my body splash collection. It started with just a few bottles and soon grew to what you see here, and it will continue to grow. All of my body splashes come from either bath & body works or victorias secret, however i do have one from Hollister. In some cases I have 2-3 of the same scent if I really like it. I do use all of my splashes if you are wondering, i just never smell like the same thing every day. I'm constantly adding to my collection, as i use a scent up a buy a new one to replace what i used, also if new scents come out that I like I always end up adding those to my collection. I guess it is one of my odder beauty obsessions, I've never seen someone with a body splash collection before except myself, but i enjoy collecting them. I've been looking for some new body splashes to try, so if any one knows of any I might enjoy feel free to comment and let me know. I saw where Ulta has what looks like some nice new body splashes and I've been wanting to try a few of those, which i probably will try a few with my next haul to see what they are like I'm particular interested in Fresh Lilac, Water Blossom, Pink Petals, Lush Pear, Lavender Woods, & Freshwater Mist. Has anyone tried any of the new Ulta Body Splashes, if so what did you think of them?

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