Monday, March 19, 2012

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish - Trafalgar Square Review

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish - Trafalgar Square
Grade: C+
Purchase Place: Sephora
Purchase Price: $16.00

This is one of those products that as soon as I saw it i knew I had to buy it. I bought it a couple of months ago and just got around to using it recently, i tried it on my toes. There are some good things about this and some bad things, which is why I gave it a C+.The color I bought was Trafalgar Square which is a slightly shimmery silver gray, which is pretty. When I first went to use the polish mine has a label that says peel for directions, well the only problem is there is only two sets of directions and both are not English. So I had to log onto to get the directions, which is some of what factored into my C+ grade. If you are going to make a product like this there needs to be directions that everyone in that country it's sold in can understand...maybe make it come in a box with a small set of instructions, so someone don't have to Google directions before applying. After that i followed the instructions that is stated on The first go of it I guess I didn't apply enough nail polish because it didn't do anything at all. The second go around of trying to use this polish I applied a good amount because it does say apply a generous amount...well it worked but it was very messy. It ended up running down the side of my toes which I had to clean up before I finished. Given that I had to apply so much for the effect to work it also took forever to dry. The effect it gives is really cool and pretty but it's hard to get just the right amount for it to work without making a mess. For me even with a base and top coat I didn't get much wear of it before it chipped. Given that it was $16.00 and how long it took to work with it, to me the polish wasn't worth it's price,I don't believe that I will ever purchase again.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tips For Dealing With Poufy Thick Dry Naturally Curly Hair

So as a woman who knows all too well about this subject I thought this would be a helpful article. Before I go any further I will say if you love your naturally curly poufy hair this isn't a post for you, what I'm posting is a way to solve the problem, and get rid of it. Ever since i was a a teenager I have dealt with course, thick, naturally curly, dry, poufy hair. My hair was not like tight ringlet curly but more like wavy with loose curly As you can imagine being a teenager with that kind of hair was NOT fun. I used to get made fun of for it and understandably, i mean it looked like I had stuck my finger in a light socket. I tried everything I could think from hot oil, to only washing my hair a few times a week, every sort of spray, shampoo and special brush you could think of and no luck. Over the years however I have found some things that worked for me. If you are like me and want thin, normal looking, straight hair this is for you.

Chemically Straightening - This is the thing I found that made my hair look it's best and over a period of years of doing this in combination with the other things I will talk about has pretty well tamed my hair. Back around the age of 15 I believe was when I first had my hair chemically straightened, it was suggested to me by someone can't even remember who now. The woman who straightened my hair then still straightens my hair now and she used a perm but used it in reverse. Instead of curling it she put them perm on it and combed it as straight as she could, and used the neutralizer with it as well. She then would blow dry it straight. The only downfall is your hair smells like rotten eggs for three days until you can wash it but it looks wonderful. After having done this for year with other things my hair is finally more manageable and normal.

Thinning it out - The women who straightened my hair also thins it for it for me as needed. I'm not sure if most people know this I know i had no idea until she told me but you can get your hair thinned out. she has this little tool and it cuts off every other hair she thins out the underside of my hair and at the crown on my head since it's thick there. I have really thick hair even to this day I still have to have it thinned out every so often. My hair was so thick she would thin it and there would be wads of hair on the floor after she combed it out, enough for another person and I'd have a ton of hair left on my head.But I did find doing that in combo with the chemical straightening worked wonders.

Letting your hair grow long - I have found this is a good curl for the curl as well as a poufy hair, it seems like the weight as it grows out helps to keep it straight and more tame. If you have horrible hair never wear it short it only makes the problem worse.

Dye it by a professional - On a whim in my early 20s I just had to dye my hair and oddly enough it seemed to make my hair something like I had just straightened it, it was more manageable and it laid better. I'm not sure what caused that, I didn't figure it would have any positive effect on my hair but it did. I don't dye my hair anymore mainly because i got sick of having to dye it every month, but when it did it was helpful.

Wash your hair only every other day or two - I know you may not like doing that but there is something to be said about the natural oils in your hair, especially if your hair is course and dry.

Pantene moisturizing shampoo and conditioner - This has helped my hair a lot as well believe it or not it actually does work and work well with this kind of hair. I have used it for years and after all that time of use it has made my hair more manageable, it lays pretty and it isn't stuck out like it used to be. When I try to switch shampoo just for a change my hair starts to go back to that old look, so i have to switch back to it. 

Blow drying it straight with a ion hair dryer - After years of having chemically straighten my hair I have found it has helped my hair enough to where I only need it straightened every few years. It's been two years now since i had my hair chemically straightened and so far don't need to go back as long as I use a ion blow dryer with my hair and brush it while I dry it my hair comes out perfectly straight and normal looking, it's manageable and lays pretty. The only thing I have to still go have done is thinning and occasional trimming to keep the dead ends off. I have my hair long these days half way down my back and it looks great. I'm not sure what I will do when i get to the age long hair just wont do but for now I've got my hair to where it is normal. About the only time I deal with curl now is when I let my hair air dry naturally.

These are things that worked for me, hopefully if you are like me maybe they will help you as well. Having hair like I had was awful but now that i found something that worked I now no longer have to worry about having horrible hair.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old Navy Haul

I ended up having to go exchange some of the clothes that i bought the last time at Old Navy, I had to go size down on a few things. I got lucky and 3 out of 4 of the things i had to exchange...well really I got lucky with all of it. 3 of the four things I found in the size I needed and the khaki shorts I couldn't find in the size, and would have had to have them shipped in from some where else so I ended up just letting go of the khaki shorts. I hate they didn't have them, I really liked those, but oh well. The things I exchanged that I was able to buy back I actually got cheaper than the first time I bought them. Not only that but Old Navy was having a really good sale so I ended up buying several extra items for nearly nothing. I also found a larger selection of clothes, and colors than what is made available online. It's been awhile since I actually shopped at Old Navy before these last few weeks, so I actually forgot about a lot. I would actually recommend shopping in store or at a outlet as opposed to online. With online prices seem to be higher than in store and selection isn't as good. This sale that they are having now (well was having yesterday at least, probably still are) wasn't available online, it's actually a pretty good sale. They are having buy one get one free on tees and tanks(select ones obviously), a lot of other items is marked down like shorts, and some tanks are only $3.50, I  also saw sweaters for nearly nothing, really good sale. The active shorts I had to take back and exchanged for smaller sizes I originally paid $15.00 each for them but they was marked down to $12.50. I also saw some cute lounge shorts for only $7.50 and originally they as $15.00(they are featured in this haul). With everything I bought I ended up saving $49.00 I was a happy person. Strongly suggest if you was spring/summer clothes...go check out the sale and take advantage!

the first thing I picked up was these active shorts, which was in the last haul, I ended up getting a size down.. Originally $15 - paid $12.50

I also ended up picking up another pair of these, I didn't exchange sizes or anything just bought a second pair since I love the color. Originally $15 - paid $12.50

I ended up buying these henley tees, the orange I had to size down in and seeing as how they was buy one get one fee I ended up buying two. Paid only $8.50 and got both!

I also bought these tanks, these was buy one get one free as well. Seeing as how I have to layer most of my clothes from Old Navy I figured these would come in handy. However I will say these are stretch material so you might was to get a size larger than normal if you purchase these. Paid only $8.50 and got both.

These was in the last haul as well, ended up having to go a size down in these too. Originally $15 - paid $12.50

This tank was only $3.50, and at my store they had melon but had sold out in my size, they had this blue, and black all for only $3.50 so I ended up buying the blue just because it was a good deal and i can always use tanks.

Loved these colors and given that they was buy one get one free I bought both they are the perfect fit tees. Paid $8.50 and got both.

I also ended up buying more henley tees because of the buy one get one, loved the bright colors! Paid $8.50 and got both.

Last buy not least are these lounge shorts I was talking about. Originally $15 - paid only $7.50. They also had other colors if pink isn't your thing. I think they had gray and maybe black if i remember right.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Navy Haul

I needed some new spring/summer clothes so I decided to go shopping at Old Navy again and these are some of the things I bought...

When I saw these shoes I had to have them, I love them.

I aloso bought flip flops, which when i shop at Old Navy is something i always buy. I love the Lotus Orange Neon color. These are actually my favorite color of flips flops I've ever bought, I ended up buying two pair because I love them so much. The color got washed out a little from the flash, they are really bright. I also bought a two toned brown and purple pair which is pretty.

I bought these two pair of jean shorts, i'm not sure if i'm going to like them yet. I usually wear shorter shorts and I decided to try something a little different and bought the longer ones. 

I origionally wanted these shorts for active shorts to go bike riding in this summer, they are bright and i thought they would be perfect. These shorts are mesh are marketed as active shorts but after trying them on these are see through, especially the yellow so these can't be used for active purposes unless you are cool with showing off the goodies, which i'm not. I did go ahead and decide to buy these for lounge / sleep shorts around the house because they are comfy and cool and I like the material even  though it's see though. 

Since the other shorts wasn't cool for active purposes I ended up buying these to go bike riding in. These have the mesh only on the side so these will work perfectly for biking.The sides are neon yellow mesh but again my flash just had to wash the color out, cloudy days suck for photo taking.

When I saw this shirt I had to have it, it's so cute and perfect for summer, it's very light weight. I plan to wear a shirt under it because of the way the back is made.

I also bought these shorts, again a little longer than I normally wear but I think i'm really going to like these.

I also bought just a plain perfect fit tee in charcoal, hated I had to buy a darker color, wish these was available in brights but they didn't have any at the time. The Flash messed up this photo too.

I decided to buy me a henley shirt as well. I have a couple of these already from old navy and liked them so well I bought another.

Now I really didn't need another tank top, I have tons. When I saw this i had to have it due to the color, it's a true neon pink, so I bought it.

The last thing I bought was this shirt, I love the color!

Monday, March 5, 2012

What's In My Bag / March 2012

What my bag is:
 Coach Signature Stripe Shoulder Bag (Coach Outlet)

This is my everyday handbag, or as i call it my workhorse bag. i haul EVERYTHING in this bag. I've been using it for about 3 years now everyday and it still looks great, the quality is amazing! This bag will actually hold more than what you think it will. I used to carry it to work and I'd have everything that i have it in now plus candy bars, a bottle of water and a normal size container of Clorox wipes and in some cases a magazine with various other items.

What it looked like new, before it became my everyday bag:

Now on to
What's in my handbag march 2012:

2 Bath & Body Works Pocket Bacs
Big Bottle of Purell
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizing Lotion
Coach wristlet that has change in it
Vera Bradley Wallet
Vera Bradley wristlet with my brush in it

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Opinion On Old Navy

Pricing: The pricing at Old Navy was at one time great. It's still good you can get clothes and accessories for a decent price. However I have noticed they have raised prices. They used to offer shirts for $10.50..well I notice what used to be $10.50 is now $14.50, Same quality, higher price...I don't see where to new price was warranted, because the quality is the same as it was. That in mind I do still like the pricing because if I was to go to Macy's and buy a skirt it would be $60.00 or more...not that I mind Macy's but I just don't like to spend a ton a money on one clothing item, I'd rather spend $60.00 and get a couple of clothing items. I'll spend big bucks on handbags or makeup or whatever but I just can't bring myself to spend huge money on clothes for some reason. All in all even though I'm not fond of the price increase I still like shopping at Old Navy, because compared to other stores and what they charge I think the pricing is still decent. Also I have found if you hit the outlet up you can get much better deals on clothing. Over the winter I bought several things at one of the outlets and I got a $30.00 sweater for only 6 bucks I believe it was, a active hoodie for only $3.00 plus I got them at just the right time and got 2 pair of jeans for only $30.00. If you have a outlet within driving distance(I have to drive several hours to get the the one nearest to me) I recommend going there when you want to purchase from Old Navy.

Sizing: I love that Old Navy has such a broad range of sizes, You can get everything all the way down to XS and all the way up to 4X i believe it is. I love the fact that they have sizes to fit everyone, not just the size 0-14 crowd. Granted you do have to buy Plus sizes online i noticed which I don't think is right, I feel it needs to be made available in stores as well. I remember at one time it was offered in store and for some reason they took it out of the store. Even though plus sizing is only online I am glad they offer it for those who need to purchase it.

Style Of Clothes: So I'm at a age where Logo shirts are not cool anymore and I'm not into the matronly clothes yet. I like that Old Navy has a style of clothes that I can buy at my age and not feel like a kid or a old woman. I love purchasing my basic items there like skirts, shorts, sweater and tees. Granted I do avoid many of the printed clothing they offer because most of them are just too busy for my taste but I do love the solid color items and on the rare occasion I like a print I purchase it. Again I like the fact they offer a range of clothing options from active, and swim to sweaters and shorts,,,it's kind of a one stop clothing shop.

Flip Flops! - These are my absolute favorite thing about Old Navy. They pricing is wonderful you can buy 2 pair for only $5.00 for both pair. I've been buying Old Navy Flip Flops every bit of 5+ years and I buy a ton of them every year, I had 100+ pair of them at one time. While I've since backed off on how many pairs of flip flops I buy every year I still buy several pairs and still have a decent little collection of them. When I see a bright new color I love i purchase them. I've yet to find flip flops anywhere else for a better deal. Also there is one time of the year where you can purchase flip flops for only $1.00 each. I forget when it is, not even sure if they will do it this year, but if they do and you want a bright color I suggest going very early of a morning to get the colors because they sell out fast, I know I went though the insanity of $1.00 flip flops a few times and it's jam packed so be ready to wait to pay on that day. If you want flip flops this is the place to go they have a great selection of colors, and they even offer prints and built up flip flops granted they are more expensive than the basic solid color flip flops. The only thing i have found I dislike about the flip flops is the run small so if you have a wide foot you need to size up. also the printed flip flops are pretty but the print rubs off as you walk so make sure you like the flop well enough without the print before you buy. I wish they would improve the prints to where the print wouldn't rub off but so far they have not.

See Though Clothes - This is the thing I hate the most about Old Navy. It seems like every single shirt or sweater I pick up there is so thin I can see though it. I don't mind wearing layers but you know sometimes I'd like to purchase a shirt or a sweater that I can wear buy it's self without having to wear a tank top under it. I have no idea why Old Navy is so fixed on making clothes they can see straight though, I get that it's cheaper clothing but just because it's cheaper don't mean it has to be see though thin and I wish they would stop it. I remember when I first started shopping there they had cheaper prices and in my opinion a much better quality of clothes than they do now. I don't ever remember any of my clothes being see though, they used to make good heavy basic tees they you could wear by themselves.They could still make some see though shirts for those who want to purchase something to layer and let the rest of us buy clothes that cover us. I went there recently and all the tops I saw was mostly all see though and even some of the active shorts I could see though them. I liked several pair of active shorts and was going to wear them biking this summer but granted I could see though them they don't make good active shorts but they make fabulous lounge and sleep shorts for around the house. Layering is cool sometimes, but not ALL the time.