Saturday, June 29, 2013

Old Navy $1.00 Flip Flop Sale!

If you are a Old Navy shopper i'm sure most of you already know today was the one day out of the year that Old Navy did the $1.00 flip flops. The sale to me is a really good deal being that they are normally 2 for $5.00. So you get 5 pair for $5.00 and some change. This year is the first year that I've REALLY shopped the sale. I did it once or twice before picking up 5 or 10 pair here and there. However this year I went to shop, and boy did I shop!

I received a e-mail a couple of days ago about it, which is what tipped me off to the sale. I ended up talking some family members into going with me for the sale. Our mall does not open until 10:00a.m. so I got there 15 minutes until 10. When the doors opened there was people already in line buying, which I thought was odd. Well come to find out after I got in the store there was a sign saying it opened at 7:00a.m. (wish the e-mail would have said that!)

Any way on with my story so I practically ran to the flip flop isle because I was ready to shop, I was super excited and I just started grabbing all the bright colors in my size I could find. One of the people with me got me a bag to put mine in so I wouldn't have to hold them. Ya'll know how big those shopping bags are right? Well I ended up stuffing one completely full so full that nothing else could go in it.

The place was like a mad house. The line when I was finally ready to start the check out process (and it is a process, let me tell ya!) was backed all the way around the perimeter of the store and almost out the door. Our Old Navy is huge so that is saying something. Well each customer had tons of flops and there was a limit of 5 per person. So everyone had to pay for five and get back in line multiple times. I was one of those people obviously. I ended up being in the store 3 hours. I had two other people other then myself helping me check out, to make the process go a bit faster.

I had a blast and I ended up with a ton of flip flops (the total will be over one of the photos). I had a great time talking to the people I came with as well as other in line around me. We also had a few laughs, and no one lost a limb in the process but one person who I went with got ran other by a baby stroller.She  ended up with a track mark on the foot and a broken toenail but other then that, it was all good! I did have 5 more pair to buy that I was going to add on to my grand total. however after going though the line 3 times, I ended up getting tired and saying the 5 more pair wasn't worth it. I had 2 brown, 1 black, 1 black and white and a coral that I ended up not buying.

When I got there there was a entire big wall full of them and tons of boxes sitting all over the store with various sizes and colors in each box. When I left the entire wall of flip flops was almost empty and they was carrying out empty boxes and bringing out what they had left in some of the kids sizes. If you want to shop this sale next year, I suggest going as early as possible for the best selection! The brights go fast!

Ready to see the goods!?

This is what 40 pairs of flip flops look like!

Now time to neaten up a bit!

Last but not least it seemed like a fitting charm for my bag! since I adore flip flops, what better charm for me? I had a metal initial picked out with a flip flop attached to it. I picked it up but after seeing five dollars on it didn't want to buy it. I sat it down and then ended up wanting it. when I went back to get it, the very one I wanted was gone(and it was the only one of the 8 or so they had that was gone, go figure!)! However I found this and liked it so I bought it for a new bag charm.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Myrtle Beach Shelling

So as most of you already know I just got back from my trip to Myrtle Beach SC. While I was there I went shelling for a day and came home with a lot of shells! I even found the biggest shell I've ever found while shelling. I also may have found my first pieces of beach glass! I saw a lot of sea creatures while I was there. Most of them I had no clue what the names was but I did see a shrimp, a little thing with tentacles, my husband saw a jelly fish and we both saw lots of fish. There was even a shark in the ocean, I didn't get to see it but everyone had to get out of the water because of it the day we got to spend at the beach. I found all of these goodies in only a day and a half! You want to see what I found?

Lots of Arks!

Cross Barred Venus


Pieces of broken shells I picked up to make a coastal candle decoration out of. Never pass up on some pretty broken bits, they can be useful in coastal decorating!


Rocks from the sea and other broken bits for coastal decorating.


Did I find my first pieces of seaglass? I'm not sure but I think some of this is sea glass. If anyone who is a more experienced sheller then I knows, please let me know what it is! I've never found seaglass before until now!

Moon Snails

Clam Shells

Scallops, Augers, and i'm not sure what the two shells are on the top with the ridges in them, maybe some sort of clam?

I have no idea what these are, but I found all kind of them and only picked up a few. Anyone know what kind of shells these are?

I also found these broken whelks. I decided to keep them, broken things can be beautiful sometimes too. I think they would look nice in our home.

Now on to the biggest shell I've ever found! This shell more or less found me, that or my foot found it. I guess my foot deserves the credit for this. My husband and I was out in the ocean and all of a sudden I stepped on this hard brick like spiked thing. I told my husband and didn't think much of it, but my foot hurt. A few seconds later his foot found it. He got mad and said that's it i'm getting that thing and throwing it out in the ocean. He reached down into the water and he pulled out this big shell and I believe it is a Whelk. It's not perfect but i'm proud of it, I've never found a shell that big! I plan to give this shell a special spot in our home.

I also brought home some sand! Two bags of plain sand and one bag full of sand and small broken up bits of shell.

Finally, here is everything all together!

My Trip to Myrtle Beach SC and Sunset Beach NC

I just got back from a trip to Myrtle Beach SC. My husband really went for business but we mixed in some pleasure while we was there. We went for 4 nights and 5 days. We ended up staying beyond our check out time which was 11am. We staid all day that day until 6 before we came home.

 While we was there I traveled all up and down the coast. I went from Georgetown SC all the way up to Sunset Beach / Ocean Isle Beach NC. I wasn't able to take that many photos because was either just so busy with business or having fun that taking photos of most things didn't occur to me. Our trip didn't yield the kind of results I had hoped but we did have fun. I saw a lot of places I have never seen before and I even got to ride the skywheel which I had never done before.There are a lot of beautiful places in SC and many things to do. 

Georgetown wasn't what I expected, there was about 5 minutes of pretty and the rest of the area was depressing. While I was there I seen a lot of run down places and 3 factories. Georgetown wasn't at all impressive for us. We didn't stay in town very long before we got out of there.

Sunset Beach NC is stunning. You drive out over the huge bridge to get to the island. Around you is all this water and saltwater marsh. When you get to the island it's nothing but beach vacation homes and the beach. It's beautiful, I did get some photos of it, just not as many as i'd have liked. I was surprised about sunset beach because it had zero seashells. No seashells not even broken buts, just plain sand. I was a little disappointed because we was there several times during our trip and I couldn't go shelling there as i'd hoped I could. Sunset Beach and Calabash is kind of out in the middle of no where and about a hours drive from downtown Myrtle Beach.

As I said I did ride the skywheel with my husband. We paid $13 each to ride it. It looks fun until you get in line to ride it. I actually got intimidated standing there looking at it and frightened. However after getting on it and half way though the first revolution I was okay with the skywheel. We had a beautiful view of downtown after dark. We couldn't really see the ocean because it was dark and we faced toward town. We had a great time and i'd love to go on it again sometime!

We also got to spend some time on the beach around Pier 14 and 2nd Ave Pier. We got burnt a little but we had a great time at the beach. We went shelling and enjoyed the waves.

We went over to the market Common and looked around and walked though Grand Park. Its really nice over there, but really expensive. It was safe and quiet. We was there around 9pm-1am and never encountered any bad behavior. We even sat in the swings at Grand park at Midnight and looked out at the lights of the MC and over the lake. It was really nice to be able to do that, we had a great time. It's a beautiful place to see and they have a lot of nice stores and restaurants  They are building a million dollar pool complex that is to open in Spring 2014.

Here are some photos from our trip! Enjoy!

Myrtle Beach SC

Near 2nd Ave Pier

The pool area at the hotel where we staid The Holiday Inn at the Pavilion.

One of the newer rides I had never seen before downtown.

 The skywheel before I rode it. Check out that moon!

The slingshot at night.

The view from our room. We had a suite on the side this time, which wasn't too bad.

 Around 2nd ave pier

View south from 2nd Ave pier.

2nd Ave Pier

My Beach Chair near the ocean around 2nd Ave Pier.

 The Ocean

Sunset Beach NC

The Path to get to the Beach in Sunset Beach.

The Pier in Sunset Beach

The Dunes with the Beach Houses in the Distance in Sunset.