Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Makeup Table, Storage, and Collection

This is my makeup table as many of you may already know since I could not find the style of makeup table I wanted to match our house i decided to make my own makeup table so that it would match the rest of our furniture style. I also choose to add tiffany blue as accent colors to some of my makeup table pieces so that the color scheme would fit in with the house. For the makeup table I took a sofa table that matched our furniture, found a bench that matched the furniture than added a nice mirror. I'd say my makeup table is now 99% complete.There are just a few blue accents I want to add, and mainly that's just paint the box shelves tiffany blue and maybe the jewelry box tiffany blue, or accent it some how with tiffany blue so there is a bit more blue and less black. Overall I'm very pleased with how my makeup table turned out. As for some of the photos my camera flash washed parts of some of the photos out so I'm sorry for that but you still get the idea.

Since my Naked palettes was too large for my palette display box and I wanted a more predominate place to put them since they are my favorite palettes, I found this letter holder at a dollar store to keep them in on top of my Jewelry Box. As for the Jewelry Box, there isn't anything in it yet and I doubt I use it as a jewelry box, probably will put something makeup related in it when i figure out what I want to go in it. These brushes here are ELF, Sephora and Urban Decay. The other brush set displayed on my table (not shown in this photo) is just drugstore brands, nothing wonderful.

I found this nice little mirrored perfume try at a local store so my husband picked it up for me as one of my Christmas gifts. I really like it it just fits my big perfume bottles. I also have a Marc Jacobs Daisy rollerball in behind some of the bottles. The bigger bottles of perfume are; Burberry Summer, Juicy Couture Viva La juicy, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Juicy Couture the original scent, and Versace Bright Crystal.

I found these wall box shelves one day when I was out doing some shopping and I decided to pick them up for my makeup table. At the time I had no idea what to do with them but after working with them a bit I found out they make wonderful palette holders and displays. So I took all my palettes that would fit and lined them up. I also took my Flowerbomb hair mist box and displayed it in the smallest box and I put a few more palettes on top that didn't fit into the palette box. I think I might paint the outsides of these boxes tiffany blue when it gets warm enough out to do some painting. Palettes include: Stila, Sephora, Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Lorac, and too Faced

This box just contains some smaller perfumes I bought recently, my Flowerbomb hair mist and a extra container for brushes.

This is my Orchid I decided to pick up the other day while I was out. I had been wanting a 30$ Blue orchid but when i went to get it they had sold out of them and took the display case out. Figuring they wouldn't get any more blue orchids in I went to a different place in search of a orchid and ran into this beauty for only 7 bucks. So this pretty little thing sits on top of my makeup storage stand along with a white candle.

This is my makeup storage stand type thing. My husband does not want any plastic in our home (granted I did talk him into two acrylic pieces that he hates and to be honest I'm not that fond of) so he found me this nice wooden storage stand. It used to be pink as some of you may know but he painted it tiffany blue for me and it works wonderfully for makeup storage.

In this area of my makeup storage tower there isn't much just my huge Too Faced palette that wouldn't fit anywhere else. Three small palettes from Sephora, Too Faced and Stila. Than in the white basket there is several eye primers which include Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit, and Lorac.

In this area of the makeup tower these are all of my single eyeshadows, eye liners, and mascaras. As far as my single eyeshadows go I have MAC, Sephora, Stila,  Bare Essentials, some NYX ones on the bottom and a few other various brands. My mascaras are Benefit, and YSL. My eyeliners are Sephora, Urban Decay, Bare Essentials, Stila and I think I might have a couple of other brands in there as well.

This is my blush, bronzer and highlight area. To the left is my bronzer area and those include Benefit, Lorac, NARS, ELF, Physicians Formula, and 1 Rimmel. Next to those on top I have my Benefit boxed powders. Next to those in the blue box is my highlighters, as you can see those are NARS, Benefit and 1 Hard Candy. In the long green box are my higher end blushes. Those are MAC, NARS, Tarte, Cargo, The Balm and 1 Too Faced Pink Leopard which for me is really a highlight so it shouldn't even be there, not sure why it is. In the bottom green box are my drugstore blushes which I don't have any of and those include physicians formula, nyx, ulta, Maybelline, and Neutrogena. and directly to the left of that is a bottle of benefit posietint.

This is my face area where my primers, foundations, powders, and concealers go. Primers are in a white basket to the top left, they include Smashbox, Korres, Benefit, Sephora, and makeup forever mist & fix. Drugstore foundations are in the green basket and those are just from ulta. Next to that is my benefit confessions of a concealaholic. Down from that is Urban Decay De Slick and a Silta brightening powder. In the blue basket is more drugstore foundations and those include Maybelline, L'Oreal, and Max Factor. and finally my powders are to the left on the bottom and those are all drugstore and those include Maybelline, Ulta, Rimmel, and ELF

This is my lip area of my makeup storage tower. I have a little bit of everything in here. I have the Buxom rockstar lip set which is the red box. Chapsticks and lip balm are next to that. The two plastic green bins on the bottom that are side by side have my higher end lipglosses and lipsticks which include Stila, Smashbox, Sephora, NARS, Tarte, Lorac, Buxom, and so on. The two top bins that are side by side on is blue the other green hold drugstore lipglosses and lipsticks the green basket holds nothing but NYX lipglosses, the blue holds several different brands that include NYX, ULTA, and others.

There are candles that sit on top of my beauty bookcase. They used to be silver but my husband painted them tiffany blue so now they are more for looks than burning but whatever.

This is my beauty bookcase

The first shelf has nothing but body sprays on it and there are tons of them and all from either Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret

Second shelf on the left is the only acrylic storage thing that i actually display and to be honest I don't care that much for it I don't like how it limits what can go where. Any way in the acrylic storage is a large palette from Sephora, tons of samples, kabuki brushes, small lotions, tools, and tissues. In front of it is 3 small CLEAN perfumes. Next to that is a container of blushish rocks holding my empty MAC containers until I have enough to B2M. Next to that is 1 lotion and 2 deorderants and than some small body sprays from B&BW and V.S.

This self is pretty mcuh empty...sorry for the bad photo the flash messed it up. So i have 2 baskets, a empty perfume bottle, a ton of antibacs and a extra brush holder.

a better photo of some of the previous items

My nail polish collection is on the fourth shelf and there is a little bit of everything here. Orly, China Galze, OPI for Sephora, NARS, Sally Hansen, ESSIE, Pure ICE, ELF, and Nails INC as well as others.

And last on the bottom self are all my tanning products which is mostly from Hawaiian Tropic, my lotions, shower gels, hair supplies, and eye care. Lotions are mostly Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. Everything else is just a jumble of brands.

That is all of my makeup storage, collection and my complete makeup table to this point. If you all have any questions or want some storage ideas feel free to leave a comment and let me know and i'll do my best to help.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sephora Haul...Christmas Edition!

I'm FINALLY posting all of my Sephora goodies I got for Christmas. I'm so sorry it has taken me this long but I've been very busy in my free time the last few months so I haven't had the time that I would like to to be able to post as much as I would like when I like. Before I get started I just want to say I've already discarded the packaging for all of these items so they will not be shown boxed like most of my normal hauls. Also I want to apologize for the way some of the photos turned out. As you all know I take all of my photos in natural light, and being that it was a cloudy day the flash kind of messed up some of the photos. Any way you all have waited long enough for this so I won't ramble on any longer.

The first item I received for Christmas was from my husband and he bought me the 3.4oz bottle of Vera Wang Lovestruck.

Next I received the Tarte LipSurgence Collection.

I also received the Stila In the Light Eyeshadow Palette.

The next items are by NARS and it's the Albatross highlighter blush as well as another blush in Madly.

Sticking with NARS I also received two lipglosses in Orgasm and Turkish Delight.

Even more NARS...Laguna Bronzer.

I also received two mascaras by Benefit one is a small version of Badgal Lash, and the other is a Full Size of They're Real.

Even more Benefit....Confessions of a Concealaholic.

Next I received Sephora Primer.

More Sephora I received two Sephora nail polishes one in Naughty if the new Nice and one in Blasted Silver.

Even more Sephora....Flashy Liner in Flashy Silver.

I also got three brushes Sephora Collection Classic Bronzer Brush #44, Sephora Collection Classic Eyeshadow Brush Large #21, and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on shadow blending brush.

Next I received Urban Decay De Slick.

I also received something else from Tarte I received a Amazonian Clay blush in Blissful.

The next item I received is by Lorac it is a 3D lipgloss in Untamed.

Last but not least is a small body butter from The Body Shop in Spiced Vanilla.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sephora Haul

This is the newest items I've bought from Sephora. This is not the things I got for Christmas. I decided to post the things I bought recently first since this haul is smaller than what I got for Christmas. At this point I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to get my Sephora Christmas haul posted. I'm hoping that i can find the time to take the photos and get it posted tomorrow. Until than here are some of the things I bought from Sephora in the past few weeks.

First off are samples…

Also this was my 100 point perk Korres Mattifying Primer. I don’t own anything from them so I was curious and thought it would be nice to try something from Korres.

Next off is something I have wanted for sometime now and that is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I've wanted it for years and couldn't bring myself to pay $100-150 for a bottle of perfume. When I saw this little set at Sephora I had to have it.

Sticking with Flowerbomb I bought the hair mist as well.

I also bought little mini bottles of a couple of Chloe Scents, saw them for only $12.00 so i thought why not?

Next I picked up a small size of the Pacifica lotion in Island Vanilla. I saw this awhile back and since I don't own anything by Pacifica I was curious so I decided to give it a try.

I also picked up a few bottles of nail polish I've been wanting for awhile. I got the OPI for Sephora in Go With the Flo-wer and Nails Inc Magnetic polish in Trafalgar Square.

I saved the best purchase for last and it's Urban decay Naked 2!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul

I'm finally getting around to posting my Bath & Body Works haul. I hate that it's taken me so long to post this but my life these days is VERY busy so I have to post when I can get time. Any way most of these was bought for me for Christmas and a few of these was bought by me during what was supposed to be the semi annual sale (that i believe is still going on) but was very disappointing and not much of a sale in my local B&BW this year. At the semi annual sale in my area they only had left over Christmas items and a few items left over from last summer in the sale, as well as winter candles only. Usually they have a ton of things marked down, but not this year. I was so disappointed to see they didn't even bring the classics in for the sale. I usually stock up during the sale but not this year. Any one else disappointed in this winters semi annual sale?

shower gels left to right - Jingle Bellini, Peach Citrus, Strawberry Sparkler, Vanilla Tini.

body sprays left to right - Pink Sugarplum, Sea Island Cotton, Country Chic, Moonlight Path, Into The Wild, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Winter Candy Apple.

lotion left to right - Peach Citrus, Jingle Bellini, Vanilla Tini. shimmer mist left to right - Strawberry Sparkler and Jingle Bellini (x2)

I also picked up a few pocket bacs in Island Nectar and Japanesse Cherry Blossom.