Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sephora Color Palette Review

Sephora Color Palette
Purchase Place: Sephora
Price I Paid: $12.00
Grade: A

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This is a product I contemplated buying for a little while, which at the time it was $24.00, so I went to Sephora and looked at it, but it looked so tiny and to me it didn't seem worth $24.00, so I decided I didn't want to buy it, that was until I found it on sale on the Sephora website for $12.00. At that time I knew I had to have it because it was a good deal, really it was a steal. So when I did my last Sephora haul I went ahead and purchased it, and I'm very glad I did. With this palette you get 32 eyeshadows, 16 lipglosses, 3 blushes and 1 bronzer. All of the colors in the palette are for the most part very bright and summery looking which I love, the colors are pigmented and long wearing which is always a plus. I can't say enough about how much I love the eyeshadow color choices in this palette, so nice and bright with just the right amount of neutrals. I mainly buy palettes like this for the eyeshadow, because generally lipsticks in them are junk and the blushes are so-so. Not the case with this palette not only are the eyeshadows nice, but the lipglosses surprised me yet again, because when I put my finger to one of the colors I was expecting it to be hard but that's not so it was very creamy and my finger as you can see in one of the photos made a dent in one of the colors because it was so creamy, even though I wouldn't take this palette with me during the day the touch up my lipgloss, the glosses are very nice. As for the blushes and bronzer again I like all four there is a nice light blush color for winter, and two bright summery blushes for summer, and a nice golden colored bronzer which would seem to suit anyone and just just a nice touch of color. The packaging is nice in my opinion, it comes in a nice black case, the lipglosses slide out in a tray on the right and the blushes and bronzer slide out in a tray on the left, and it comes with 4 brushes, 2 eyeshadow sponge tip applicators (which I do like, always have liked sponge tipped applicators) and a small blush brush and small lip brush which to me are pretty worthless because you really can't do much with either of them. For those of you who are sensitive to smells I did not notice any sort of smell with this palette, I also didn't have any sort of skin reactions with this palette.Overall this palette is a excellent buy, and recommend getting especially if you like palettes, last time i checked which was today, this palette is still on sale on the Sephora site for $12.00 so if you want one, pick one up now while you still can, I have a feeling these will sale fast.

Who might like this: anyone who loves palettes, someone who wants nice makeup for a good deal

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Benefit CORALista Blush Review

Benefit CORALista Blush
Price: $28.00
Purchase Place: Sephora
Grade: A+

This is blush is one that I have been wanting for awhile now, and finally decided to get when I did my last Sephora haul. I've bought Benefit blush before so I kind of knew what to expect before I bought this. Again this blush is one of those things I'm glad I bought, like most Benefit items the quality of the blush is outstanding, it's highly pigmented, and not powdery at all. What I like the most about this blush is that it reminds me of NARS Orgasm only a little softer and more natural looking. The blush is a soft coral color, and looks very natural when applied, and can be layered to get a darker color. The blush also comes with a cute little wooden brush that I happen to like using with the blush, however most people don't enjoy using the brush and prefer their own blush brush. The packaging on this blush is so pretty, very tropical and summery looking, which I love. It caused me no irritation and has no smell at all. Overall I highly recommend buying this blush, it looks great on tan skin and would look nice on lighter skin tones as well, it's the type of blush that I feel would flatter all skin tones

Those who may love this blush: anyone who loves NARS orgasm, those who want a pretty natural looking flush

Too Faced Glamour To Go II Review

Too Faced Glamour To Go II Palette
Price: $19.50
Purchase Place: Sephora
Grade: A

What the box looks like

out of the box


lipglosses and blush

Before I bought this product I had never purchased a Too Faced product before. When I saw this at Sephora I thought this would be the perfect way for me to try out some too faced eyeshadow and blush as well as get a couple of cute lip glosses in the process. I'm really happy that I purchased this product because i really love it. I was honestly very surprised by this little palette, because the one thing I usually like the least in palettes is lipgloss but these lip glosses I love. In my experience lip glosses in palettes tend to be hard, not at all portable, and have very little color payoff, generally they are junk.However with Glamour To Go the lip glosses are just the opposite, they are very creamy, very pigmented and very travel friendly, my favorite of the glosses is a pretty golden pink which is in the right hand corner. The blush is also very nice, it's a peachy pink color which has good color payoff and looks very natural when applied. There is one downside with the blush, when I used my blush brush the blush was very powdery, which can be messy if you don't be careful when when using the blush. I really liked the eyeshadows as well, the photos don't really do the colors justice, in my opinion the colors are prettier when you see them in real life. They seem to be very natural looking, they are not in your face bright especially if you blend them out a little, and you can do a very nice looking smokey eye with this palette. To me the colors have a nice shimmer but they are not over the top shimmery, they have just the right amount. I didn't use any primer with the eye shadows and they staid on nicely the whole day. This palette is obviously very portable, it comes with a mirror the size of the palette and I would say it's no more than 4 inches long and 2-2 1/2 inches wide. The eyeshadows are on the top of the palette and the four lip glosses and blush are in a slide out try on the bottom. For those of you who have sensitive skin or are sensitive to smells this product did not cause me any irritation at all, however this product is scented. To me this product smells lightly of vanilla / chocolate cake batter. However I only noticed the smell when I opened the palette and used it, but when the the makeup was on I did not smell anything. Overall this is a excellent buy for only $20.00 you get 8 eyeshadows, a blush and 4 nice lip glosses.

Who might love this product: those wanting a very portable palette, those wanting to try too faced, or those on a budget who want to buy some nice makeup
Those who may not like this product: anyone who is sensitive to smells

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ELF Studio Bronzer Review

Purchase Place:
Price I Paid: $3.00 each
Grade: A

left to right: ELF Studio Golden Bronzer, ELF Studio Warm Bronzer

These are a product I had to have when i saw them on I absolutely love bronzers and have a ton of them, of all the bronzers I own these two are my favorites. When it comes to bronzer I like a light bronzer that's not muddy and gives a subtle color enhancement, and i also love for my bronzers to have a nice highlight shimmer. These two bronzers deliver on that especially the golden bronzer which of the two is my favorite and my go to everyday summertime bronzer. The Golden Bronzer is perfect for me and my needs, really can't say enough about it. It's perfect for lighter skinned people as well as those just wanting a hint of color and shimmer. It not only a bronzer but  it makes a nice summer glow as well, it gives me just enough of a healthy shimmery glow when I use it. I apply with the ELF studio Kabuki (does not come with the bronzer, must purchase separately) and it it's perfection. The Warm Studio Bronzer is also of my favorite but I generally only use this when I'm really tan, or sun burnt, or just on days i want more of a darker color pronounced color. I've been using both of these heavily now for two months and don't have anything bad to say. I only need a little product to get the desired effect I want, so even with me heavily using them for two months i have not put a dent in the product, I still have a ton left. They are not powdery, they do not cause any skin irritation, and as you can see they come in a nice professional looking sleek black casewith a big mirror (kind of similar to NARS). ELF also has a third studio bronzer in "cool" which I do not own but I have heard it is matte, and tends to be much darker. I've considered getting the cool bronzer but seeing as how I'm a shimmer lover, matte just don't get it for me. However if you are looking for a matte, dark bronzer I would suggest trying to studio cool bronzer and seeing how you like it. When I do finally run out of these I will be purchasing these again for sure, I'm very pleased with this product and if you are anything like me when it comes to a bronzer I highly recommend buying these and trying them for yourself.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sephora Haul - My Most Expensive Haul Ever!

I've been wanting to do another Sephora haul pretty much since my last Sephora haul. So I decided to buy a lot of items that I've been wanting for awhile now, which I can't wait to try out everything that I ordered as well as do reviews for everything. As always I'm really impressed with Sephora, all of the items i ordered is exactly what I got, I even got all the samples I ordered and none of them was substituted with anything else. Shipping time was only a couple of days which again is impressive, because most orders I make other places take as long as 1-2 weeks to arrive. From order day to delivery day it was only 2 days, so very happy about that. Anyway if you have any questions of any of the products i ordered feel free to leave me a comment.

 Urban Decay Feminine Palette
The Balm Hot Mama
Sephora Collection Waterproof Jumbo Liner - Turquoise
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube Original
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box
Benefit CORALista
Sephora Collection Color Palette
Bare Essentuals Blendable Eye Collection Fruit Smoothie
Too Faced Glamour To Go Palette II
Free Sample - Kate Spade Twirl perfume
Free Sample - Urban Decay Greed Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Free Sample - Per-Fekt Cheek Perfection Gel in Blushed
Free - 100 point perk - Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra Smoothing Primer