Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My New Makeup Table

So after using a bookshelf for about a year to store all of my makeup and beauty supplies, i finally outgrew it. My makeup and beauty stash no longer fits on a 5 shelf bookcase, so i have to have more storage space. After looking for makeup tables and not finding any in our local area that suited me, i moved on to something else. At first i looked at a desk to turn into a makeup table, but that idea didn't work out. Than i happened to bump into something else that i loved. After thinking it over for a night i decided to purchase it and turn it into a makeup table. This lovely piece of furniture is actually a cherry wood sofa table. However for me it's perfect to turn into a makeup table. It's long, wide enough, tall enough, i can easily buy a mirror to hang and use one of our kitchen chairs with it or buy a nice looking stool to use with it. The bottom part can either be used as storage for the stool or i can buy can baskets to place along to bottom and store various beauty items in them. The only bad thing with buying a non conventional makeup table is that with this i have to be a little more careful than normal or it will get scratched so i either have to buy some felt and cut it to size of everything i sit on it, or i came up with the idea of using placemats, which i think will work well to protect the wood and finish. As for what i plan to put makeup, nail polish and brushes in, well for the makeup I'm probably going to buy some acrylic storage containers, for nail polish as a lot of you know I'll be using an acrylic nail polish rack if i can ever find one to buy from a reputable business, and for makeup brushes I've picked out some glass containers and filler that i plan on buying when i can for all of my brushes. I'm not sure how many acrylic makeup storage containers to buy, I'll probably buy two to begin with and see how it holds everything.

my new cherry wood makeup table, this picture makes it look darker than it really is.

the detail on my makeup table

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