Monday, April 4, 2011

Sinful Colors Purple Diamond

Since I've been pretty busy i haven't had much time to add any new blog posts. However that all changes today. I'm reviewing Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Purple Diamond.

After hearing a lot of people rave about sinful colors i decided to buy two bottles and give it a try, mainly to see if it lives up to it's hype. Given that the price of the polishes was $1.99 I really was not expecting much. So about a week ago I decided to put two coats of purple diamond on my nails with no top coat and no bottom coat, just to see how well it would do on it's on. Purple Diamond as you can see is a very sheer yet very pretty lilac color with a silver sheen, much prettier than i expected to be, I had been searching for a color exactly like this, so I've very happy with how it turned out. I must say I was pleasantly surprised after 4 days i had no chips on my nails. It ended up wearing all though the forth day with no chips and the very next morning i started devolving chips in the polish. I was very surprised because i figured within 1-2 days it would be all chipped and ugly looking. I would imagine with a good top and bottom coat it would have worn a whole lot longer without chips. Overall i very happy with it, the price is great and the wear i got from it was great considering no top or bottom coat was applied. If you have not already tried Sinful Colors I do recommend trying, and if you want to pick up a bottle you can purchase these at Walgreens for $1.99.

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