Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYX Ultra Pearl

Purchased from: CherryCulture
Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide
Price I paid: $1.99 each
Grade: A-

My Opinion: These little bottles pack a huge punch of pigmentation, these are probably one of the most pigmented eyeshadow products I've ever used. If you buy these I can't stress enough that a little goes a long way. All of these are also very shimmery but not glittery which I love. For $1.99 this product is a steal, I love these little bottles so much. They may not seem very big but you will probably have each bottle a long time because it only takes a very tiny amount to do your whole eye. These have excellent staying power, I used each of these without a primer and let me tell you they last, and last. Also these do not bother my eyes at all, I've worn these several times and never had any sort of problems out of them, and they have no smell so if you are sensitive to that these wont be a bother to you. I only really have one complaint, seeing as how these are loose power these can be messy to apply and use, but considering how much i love these I'm willing to overlook that part and do a little work to remove any sort of fallout or mess that may occur. These also do not have to be used as eyeshadow, these can be used anywhere you want a touch of color and shimmer. I highly recommend buying at least a few of these, at the price you can't beat it.Again this is a product that i prefer to buy from Cherryculture due to the price but you can also pick these up at Ulta but they will be a little more expensive there.

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