Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small MAC, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works Haul

So I went to mall and picked up a few new items from MAC, Sephora, and Bath & Body Works. I was originally supposed to just purchase the MAC items. However I found a coupon in the bottom of my purse for Bath and Body Works and well it went from there. The coupon i had was if you spent $10.00 you got a free signature collection item of your choice. I decided to stop into Sephora after that and I picked up a small item I had been wanting. These are the items i decided to purchase today...
I went to MAC and decided to purchase the Mineralize Blush in Dainty and a Eyeshadow in Paradisico

From there I went to Bath & Body Works and with my coupon I got the Pineapple Coconut body splash for $6.00 and the Handi-Bac lotions for $5.00 for two (Sweet Pea and Japanese Cherry blossom), my free item I got my the Twilight Woods body spray.

I than decided to stop by Sephora and purchase a Jumbo Liner in Violet.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ulta Haul

I decided to go shopping at my local Ulta and I picked up a few items since fall and winter are rolling around I picked up mostly items for that particular time of year. Got mostly foundation, lotion, and lip care, but i also got a few other things. Most of the things I purchased I needed or had wanted for some time now.

Seeing as how my skin changes colors from summer to winter I needed to pick up some new foundation colors so i bought 3 from Ulta brand. I've never used any of these before so hopefully they give decent coverage. I can not stand to spend a lot of money on foundations, I've contemplated buying one from Make Up For Ever but I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on something that probably wont last me very long, so for now I'm sticking to drugstore brand foundations...maybe one day I'll cross over to a more expensive foundation.

 I also decided to pick up two more foundations, one from Maybelline and the other from L'Oreal. I've used the Maybelline before and liked it so i picked it up again. Now the L'Oreal I've never used but wanted to try for awhile, admittedly because i want to try the little paint roller looking thing. $13 is a lot to spend on foundation especially if you don't know if you will like it or not but I decided to go ahead and get it anyway. It's one of the items I'm most excited about, can't wait to use the paint roller.

I'm really excited I finally got feather hair extensions, and this is another thing I bought that I'm so excited to try. Now I first saw these at Sephora and that is where i intended to get them but when I went to purchase them I couldn't find them anywhere. I don't know if they sold out, or discontinued them because I haven't seen them since that day. I was a little disappointed until I saw these at Ulta and I picked them up right away. Now these are a different brand and do look very different from what i originally found at Sephora but I like them anyway and can't wait to wear them.

I also saw these at Ulta and since I'm a Coconut lover and they was inexpensive I decided why not, and picked them up as well. I got a bodocology lotion and travel size body spray.

Seeing as how I've been needing a good face scrub for awhile now I decided to pick up one by Neutrogena and see how it works for me. I also picked up a Nivea lotion tin which is so cute, it's small enough to travel with and was only a $1 so why not? I also picked up a travel size EOS hand lotion to try as well.

I've been needing a new sharpener for awhile now and for some reason never decided to pick up one until now, I purchased the Ulta brand. I also purchased a Ulta brand powder and a Rimmel powder.

I decided to pick up some Sally Hansen nail hardener as well as two small pixel nail polishes, all three of these was just impulse purchases just to try and see how they work seeing how i've never used pixel polishes or nail hardener before.

I decided to get a EOS lip balm, which I have never tried before, but I've seen everyone under the sun with one and I'm very excited to try it as well. I believe the flavor i purchased was honeysuckle honeydew...or something like that. I also purchased three Ulta lipsticks and a Burt's Bees Honey lip balm.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
Grade: A+
Purchase Price: $5.00 (for travel size)
Purchase Place: Sephora
Other Places to Purchase:, The Body Shop (in store and on the website)
Other information: Full size product is 10.1oz and is priced at $20.00

This is a product I saw on and wanted to purchase at some point in the future whenever I ordered online next, because I didn't think I could find it in store. I had never tried anything from the Body Shop so i was curious and it was Coconut scented which made me want to purchase it even more. When I went to Sephora the last time I was surprised to see they had it, so I immediately grabbed it and put it in my basket. Now the size I’m reviewing is not the full size product, I purchased the body butter to go which is 1.7oz. I wanted to buy the small one to see if I would like it before I spent $20.00 on the full size body butter. Now since I've tried this I really want to purchase the full size. I absolutely love this Coconut body butter, its wonderful! Most body butter that I have tried in the past has been exactly like butter and left a greasy feel on my skin and hands that never seemed to fully rub in all the way. I ended up only using those body butters in the middle of winter when my skin was at its driest. However this body butter is totally different than all the rest I have tried, the consistency of this is thick, yet smooth and creamy. When I touch the body butter it feels kind of like a firm gel but it's not gel...if that makes any sense. I absolutely love the feel of the body butter. When I apply the body butter it goes on well, and completely soaks into my skin, it don't leave any sort of greasy feeling behind and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized. I feel it's a body butter I can use year round not just in the middle of winter. The scent is amazing, if you love coconut scents I highly recommend this. This coconut scent isn't overpowering, it's a nice soft scent. It's a true coconut scent, smells only of coconut and nothing else. Most coconut scents I find seem to have some other scent mixed in with the coconut be it vanilla, floral, or some other scent....not this one this is straight up coconut. As I said it's a soft scent and once rubbed all the way into your skin it leaves an even softer coconut scent. Weather you love Coconut scents or not I do highly recommend this body butter, especially if you are like me and hate the greasy feeling most body butters leave behind. For those of you who are not fans of a Coconut scent the Body Shop also offers several other scents in their body butters such as Mango, Shea, Cocoa, and Satsuma among others.

Smith's Rosebud Salve Review

Smith's Rosebud Salve
Grade: A+
Purchase Price: $6.00
Purchase Place: Sephora
Available in: tin or tube (both $6.00 each)

I bought the Rosebud Strawberry lip balm about a year ago and loved it and I decided I wanted to to try the original since I liked the Strawberry. Now I had heard a lot of raving about the original Rosebud Salve before hand and I must say to me it does live up to it's hype. I got to be really honest even though I do like the Strawberry lip balm version, it in no way compares with the original Rosebud Salve. The overall texture, smell, and moisturizing ability is night and day between the two products at least to me, the original is the better product. One of the things I love about the original Rosebud Salve is it's texture it is so smooth and soft, I only need a little to cover my lips and it has a very nice feel, and not sticky at all. I also adore the smell of Rosebud Salve, this truly does smell exactly like a rose, very floral. I've never smelled anything quite like it before. I actually find myself opening up the tin just to smell it. Even though it smells like a rose it does not taste like one, in fact it doesn't taste like anything. It appears very reddish pink in the tin but it applies clear. I also find this to be very moisturizing, I apply at night before bed and I wake up the next morning with soft lips. I will even go as far to say that in all the lip balms I've tried over the years I like this one the best. This is a multi use product but so far I've only used it on my lips. It can also be used for not only chapped lips but chapped skin, diaper rash, blemishes, rough cuticles and more. I absolutely LOVE this product, and I am so very glad I decided to pick this up at Sephora. I'm actually considering getting the rosebud Salve in a tube to take with me in my purse, even though the tin is portable. I just don't like the idea of taking my finger that's touched god only knows what when I'm out in public, sticking it in the tin, and than on my lips...yuck! I guess I could take a lip brush or Q-tip or something and use it on the go but it just seems messy that way and more trouble. I don't mind the tin when I'm at home and can wash my hands before use, but on the go I would rather have the tube of it being that it seems a bit more sanitary, and not to mention less messy. The tin is a good sized product for only $6.00 it's 0.8oz which to me is a lot especially since i only have to use a dab to cover my lips. Overall this product is just wonderful and I can't say enough good things about it, it is a must buy, highly recommend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stila Collectible Beach Palettes (#1, #3, and #5) Review and Swatches

Stila Collectible Beach Palettes (#1, #3, and #5)
Grade A
Purchase Price: $14.00 each
Purchase place: Sephora
Other places to purchase:, Ulta

When I first saw these palettes I knew I had to have them. I had purchased a travel palette by Stila before and had liked it, plus being a beach lover made me want them even more. All together there are five Stila collectible beach palettes, I currently have three and I love them! In each beach palette you get 4 eyeshadows, 1 blush and 1 bronzer / highlighter as well as a mirror and a set of instructions on how to apply the colors. I really don't have any complaints about these palettes. All of the colors are very pigmented and have good staying power, especially when used with a primer. Also there are some nice colors for both winter and summer in my opinion. Some of the shades don't show up very well on my tan summer skin however in the winter those colors will be lovely. I didn't notice any smell to any of the palettes and I also didn't have any skin or eye irritation. I think the value is wonderful for what you get and I recommend purchasing especially if you love Stila products.

Stunning in Sayulita - Collectable Beach Palette #1
Four 0.15 oz Eyeshadows - Starfish, Sandbar, Getaway, Palm Trees
One 0.11 oz Blush - Playa
One 0.11 oz Bronzer / Highlighter - Banderas Bay

left to right: (top row) starfish, sandbar (row two) getaway, palm trees (top cheek color) playa (bottom cheek color) banderas bay

(without flash) left to right: starfish, sandbar, getaway, palm trees, playa, banderas bay

(taken in sunlight) left to right: starfish, sandbar, getaway, palm trees, playa, banderas bay

Striking in South Beach - Collectable Beach Palette #3
Four 0.15 oz Eyeshadows - Ocean Drive, Wave, Nightlife, Cabana
One 0.11 Oz Blush - Art Deco
One 0.11 Oz Bronzer - Sobe

left to right: (top row) ocean drive, wave (row two) nightlife, cabana (top cheek color) Art Deco (bottom cheek color) Sobe

(without flash) left to right: ocean drive, wave, nightlife, cabana, art deco, sobe

Living Life in Laguna - Collectable Beach Palette #5
Four 0.15 oz Eyeshadows - Sand Dollar, Sunset, Cove, Bonfire
One 0.11 Oz Blush - Seashell
One 0.11 Oz Bronzer - Pacific Coast Highway

left to right: (top row) Sand Dollar, Sunset (row two) Cove, Bonfire (top cheek color) Seashell (bottom cheek color) Pacific Coast Highway

(without flash) top to bottom: pacific coast highway, seashell, bonfire, cove, sunset, sand dollar

(taken in sunlight) left to right: sand dollar, sunset, cove, bonfire, seashell, pacific coast highway

palette photos:

Not pictured or reviewed:
Stila Haute in the Hamptons - Collectable Beach Palette #2
Stila Wonderful in Waikiki - Collectable Beach Palette #4

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Makeup & Beauty Collection

I just wanted to post some updated photos of my makeup table, storage and collection, in case there are some of you who want to know what is in my collection or want some ideas for storage. My collection has grown a lot since my last blog post of this type. My collection is pretty much outgrowing my tiffany blue makeup tower, but if i rearrange some items I wont have to stack items and I'll have more room for new purchases. My makeup table isn't exactly a finished project, I still need to purchase a big mirror as well as a nice chair or bench to go with it. Along with my makeup table I also have what I call my beauty bookcase, which before I got my makeup table and tower, was where I stored all of my makeup and beauty products. Now my beauty bookshelf is about half full but odds are i'll fill it back up eventually. Now I mainly use the beauty bookcase to store my nailpolish and bath and body items.

my makeup table which is where i keep my perfumes, big palettes, samples, liners, makeup brushes, and various other makeup items that I want to have here.

my makeup storage tower

The random item drawer in my makeup storeage tower. This is where items go that don't fit in the other drawers. There are blushes, eyeshadows, foundation, samples, and so on. Basically anything and everything gets put in here.

This is my eyeshadow drawer, i use this drawer for all of my single eyeshadows.

This is the blush drawer

here is the face drawer, it holds my powders, foundations, bronzers and anything else for the face.

finally here is my lipgloss / lipstick / chapstick drawer

now on to my beauty bookcase, here is my body spray shelf, the rows go three deep.

here is a random half enpty shelf with a few things on it.

this shelf is where my nailpolish stays

and last but not least this shelf has my hair products, lotions, tanning products and a few various other items stored on it.

There is a fifth shelf on my bookcase but i don't have anything on it at the moment so I decided not to show it.

Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful Review

This is the birthday gift you get this year from Sephora for free. Really you are only supposed to get one but I ended up getting two. It's a bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash all in one and it's scent is vanilla birthday cake. To me it smells more like a sweet vanilla birthday cake batter and a little bit like frosting all mixed up. It's actually a really nice sent, it's not something that makes you go "yuck! to much vanilla" I'm not usually into vanilla scents but I really like it. It's a good sized product you get 6oz and I've used this 4-5 times now and hardly used much at all. I've used this as both a shower gel and shampoo and so far I don't have any complaints. I've noticed that it don't really make your skin smell like birthday cake after you get out of the shower, however it did very lightly scent my hair for a short period of time. This is one of those products that you mainly just enjoy in the shower but outside of that the scent don't really stick with you. Overall I think it's a great product, I love it and I'm really glad I was lucky enough to get two of these. If you have a birthday coming up you should stop by Sephora and pick up one for yourself. I believe it is available to people two weeks before your birthday and two weeks after, so if you just had a birthday don't worry you can still get this. Also you can get this both in store and online. However just to let you know if you get this in store you will be asked to show your ID to prove it's really your birthday, so don't forget to take a ID with you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Massive Sephora haul, my biggest and most expensive haul ever!!

Ok so as most of you may already know I've been planning a Sephora haul for a little while now. This is a massive haul and defiantly my biggest haul ever, it's actually kind of massive. First of all I want to explain I purchased all of these items at two different times within a week. I placed one order online and than went to one of our local Sephora stores and purchased the rest. Second this is a very rare beauty haul for me i generally never spend this much in such a short amount of time, especially at one place. This massive haul is something I obsessed over for about a week or so before I actually made any purchases, the majority of what i purchased was bought in store and when I was in Sephora looking around I decided to go a little crazy and get most of the items I've been wanting lately.As always with Sephora the service I received was outstanding, not only online but in store. In store the employees are very friendly and attended to my every need, even giving me some free samples of a item they was out of that I wanted to buy.If you would like to see a review of any of the items I've bought feel free to post a comment and let me know, however I am planning to do reviews on many of the items that I have purchased.

First of all these are the 3 free samples that came with my Sephora order.

Sephora had a promotion going and they had a deluxe sample of Escada Taj Sunset so I decided to get that. Also since I had 100 points in my beauty bank at the time I got a free deluxe sample of Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in Black.

Also since I had a birthday in the last few weeks I got both of these Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful (shampoo,shower gel, and bubble bath) for free. I got one online and than when I went to sephora and told them it was my birthday they gave me another one, which is pretty cool.

I purchased the Smashbox 1oz Photo Finish Foundation Primer. At first I purchased the travel size but later decided to take it back and buy the full size version. 

I've been wanting both of these Urban Decay eyeshadow primers for awhile now. I have the original which I love and wanted to buy both of these as well so I purchased Greed and Sin.

When looking at the Urban Decay primers I decided I wanted to purchase the Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette. I kind of already wanted it but after I swatched it on the back of my hand, it was a must buy. Admittedly it was mainly Woodstock that made me want to purchase this palette.

I was wanting some new lipglosses and these seemed like a great deal, plus I've always loved buxom lipglosses so I decided to purchase the Buxom Rockstars set.

Since I saw the new Stila collectable Beach palettes I've been obsessed with them. Not only are they a good value but since I love the beach these was a must have for me. I already own one of these and decided to pick up two more.

I went a little NARS crazy this haul and purchased several items. I had been wanting to try to NARS illuminator for awhile now and decided to buy the illuminator in super orgasm. I also decided to purchase a new NARS blush which I bought in Torrid. While looking at all the NARS items I went ahead and purchased the Nailpolish in Orgasm as well. As for the bronzer I bought it was something i decided to purchase after I found out my local Sephora does not carry Too Faced Chocolate Soleil which I had been obsessing over for a few week and wanting to purchase. So I decided to look at the NARS bronzers which I've always heard good things about but never tried. I looked at Laguna but when I swatched it on the lightest part of my arm it didn't show up much so i decided to purchase NARS Casino Bronzer.

Now this NARS blush I must say I did not purchase, this was given to me by my mother. She had purchased it a few months ago and after trying several times to wear it she decided it wasn't right for her, that it was just too dark on her so she decided to give it to me. This blush is NARS orgasm, which i already have but now I have a backup. I decided to go ahead and put in in my Sephora Haul since it was given to me the same day I went shopping.

I saw this palette awhile ago and instantly fell in love with it and know i just had to have it. So I decided to go ahead and purchase it. The palette is by too Faced and it's called the Natural Eye Palette.

I also saw this palette awhile ago and like with the too faced palette I instantly loved it and wanted to get it, so I went ahead and purchased it. I bought the Lorac Little Black Palette.

This item was more or less a spur of the moment purchase. I was looking around at the rollerball display in Sephora and after sniffing a few of them I loved this scent the most of the ones they had and put in my basket. The rollerball is by Marc Jacobs and it's called Daisy

These are a few random items I've been wanting for awhile and decided to purchase them as well. The first item is by The Body Shop and it is a mini size body butter in Coconut. I purchased the Philosophy Coconut Frosting Lipshine as well. I also purchased the original Rosebud Salve, I have the Strawberry version and decided to get the original. I've also been wanting a gold eyeliner for sometime now and i had planned to get the Sephora Jumbo liner, but found the Stila Eyeliner for only $5.00 so instead of paying $10.00 for the Sephora liner I bought the Stila liner instead.

I also purchased the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy

I had been wanting the smashbox softbox lipgloss set, however when i went to purchase it, my local Sephora did not have it and I bought these instead. I bought the Stila lipglaze trio in warm.

After seeing the Make Up For Ever hot pink blush I knew I had to have it. I've seen people use it as eyeshadow and it always looks so pretty so I decided to purchase it for myself. I also made a impulse buy which was the Make Up For Ever travel size Mist & Fix, which I've never used before but wanted to try.

Finally the last three items are these and they was pretty much impulse buys because I saw them and wanted to try them or because I loved them when I swatched them. The first is Sephora Blasted nailpolish in black, the second is Sephora glossy Gloss in Candy Necklace, and the third is the Sephora Jumbo Liner in Taupe.