Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Makeup Storage & Stash

When i bought my makeup table i thought i knew exactly what i wanted as far as makeup storage and the overall look would go, I was wrong. I thought I'd get those muji containers and call it a day, however my husband wouldn't let me bring anything plastic in the house, he wanted me to get something nicer and preferably cherry wood drawers like the muji drawers. Well that's what i wanted as well, which i did look for long before i bought my makeup table and i knew no such thing existed, at least not that i could find, because honestly i wasn't keen on plastic either. Well my husband went on a quest to find me better makeup storage. Well he finally realized they don't make cherry wood drawers like the Muji containers however we did find one gem, it's not cherry wood, but it is wooden, and very good quality, very heavy, and way bigger than i had planned.
While at first i had my reservations about it, i thought i could sit it under my makeup table so we went ahead and bought it, however when we bought it home it was too big by a drawer to fit under it, and too top heavy to sit on my makeup table so we had to find it a new home in the floor. Now i really like it and i'm glad i bought it. I do plan on changing the colors of it one day to more suitable colors but for now it works. Plus after getting all of my makeup in it i realized the size was perfect and my collection has a lot more room to grow now, and i also realized my makeup never would have fit in two muji containers. As for what i plan to do with my makeup table now, well i kind of have three "beauty" areas now, my makeup table, makeup storage, and beauty bookcase. The makeup table i plan to decorate  nicely, and use it to set some things on, get a nice mirror, and chair/stool, and probably place wooden storage baskets along the bottom of it. I cleaned out my beauty bookcase yesterday and threw away 99% of all my ELF cosmetics eye makeup (since it caused me eye problems) i kept two liquid liners because i thought i could use them for other things one day. I also straightened up my beauty bookcase so now it don't look cluttered. Overall so far i'm very happy with the way my "makeup storage project" is going.

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