Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AE Slim Polo - Neon Pink

When I was browsing around online about a week ago I ran into this neon pink polo from AE. I was just seeing what new Spring items was out and when I saw it, it was one of those love at first sight things, had to have it. I didn't order it right away because I wanted to go to the store and try it on to get an exact size. I went to the store this past Wednesday and looked high and low and couldn't find the polo. I ended up asking someone where I could locate one in the store. Just so you know, they don't carry them in the store, it's a online only item. I guess I failed to see that the other day. I did end up ordering it online obviously, granted I was a bit mad about it, since I couldn't try it on. From my experience polo shirts generally run small. Since AE described this as a slim fit, I figured it would run extra small. I ended up sizing up one size from my normal size and went with a XL. I didn't want it to stick to me like tape, but at the same time I didn't want it to be a tent either. I just wanted a nice looking fit. I ended up receiving it in the mail today and I was surprised by how much it will stretch out when you pull at the sides of it. After trying it on I am glad I got the XL because it is really stretchy and it causes the shirt to be a tight fit. I came a ace of ordering my normal size which is a L and ended up thinking better of it. I am glad now that i did not order my regular size and went up 1 size because a L would not have fit me. Any way it's a beautiful color, after looking at it in natural light, it is a true neon pink. The pink color does vary from polo to polo due to the way they dye them. The tag also mentions that some color may rub off, so it should be washed before wear. The whole washing before wear thing is fine with me, the germ freak in me always washes brand new clothes before wear. I've been wanting a polo shirt now for awhile, since like Nov. I looked at Ralph Lauren because I really wanted one from RL. When I looked there they looked so tiny, a XL looked like a medium or a small, so I didn't even bother with those. If you are interested in purchasing one of these AE polo shirts just log on with the American Eagle website. There are also other colors available. They have a neon yellow, and a neon green as well, if pink just don't do it for you. Since they are a slim fit I do recommend sizing up. Even if you size up it will be a tight fit. If you don't like shirts that fit tightly to your body, I wouldn't recommend buying this polo. They are on sale right now for $19.95 marked down from $24.99. When I bought mine I Googled AE coupon codes and found one for an additional 30% off so without shipping I only paid $16.99 for my polo.

DIY Framed Map

I decided to frame a map of SC to put in our home. South Carolina is a very special place to me for various reasons and I thought it would be a nice thing to have around the house. I found a place online I could order a SC map for free and have it mailed to me, so I did. It was a quick and simple project to do, didn't take hardly any time and the only money I had to put into it was the cost of the frame.

I bought this nice frame from Hobby Lobby to put the map in.

Laid the glass from the frame down on the map and traced around it and cut the part out I wanted.

Put the map in the frame, and it's done.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Purchased - Old Navy Flip Flops

I was out browsing around the mall yesterday and decided to go into Old Navy. I went in mainly for two reasons. One I wanted to try on a size 12 jeans and see if it fit (Almost there! They buttoned and zipped, but was just a little snug) and the other reason was to check out the new flip flop selection. They have some really colorful styles available so far this year. I bought two of the three pairs I had looked at online (they didn't have the third style I liked). These styles are $6.94 each (sorry so 2 for 5 here ladies!) and they have the jelly straps not the hard plastic found on the 2 for $5.00 pairs. Did anyone ever have the jelly shoes that was popular in the 80's? To me the jelly straps feel like those shoes did. They are really soft, and comfy, not to mention colorful. I think they had a similar flip flop available last year or maybe the year before. If you have ever bought Old Navy printed flip flops you know that the prints rub off on the bottoms of the flops. This pair is no different but your strap colors will remain the same, they wont change. I love the rainbow straps and that is the only reason I bought these. I think once the prints on the bottoms rub off that the white flip flops with the rainbow strap will be pretty and same with navy.