Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benefit Posietint Review and Swatches

Benefit Posietint
Grade: A+
Purchase Price: $29.00
Purchase Place: Sephora
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Benefit Posietint Box (front)
Benefit Posietint Box (back)

Posietint box (side)

Posietint bottle
Posietint applicator, which is like a nail polish brush.

Posietint swatch taken in daylight without flash

The stain Posietint left on my skin, taken in daylight without flash.

Benefit Posietint is something I never really considered getting until I went to Sephora one day this past August. While I was doing some shopping a nice sales woman at one of my local Sephora stores gave me some samples and one of the samples happened to be Benefit Posietint, and it was a decent sized sample enough for me to use 2-3 times. After using the sample the very first time it was love, and after using it 1-2 more times I knew I just HAD to have it. So on my most recent trip to Sephora it was the first item that I put in my basket to purchase. My favorite thing that i love about this poppy pink stain is that it always looks so natural on me no matter if I'm tan or pale. Posietint seems to give me just the right amount of color every single time I use it, and it never looks overdone. I think Posietint is quick and easy to apply. I put a few dots on each cheek and blend with my fingers and that is it I'm done and I end up with a very natural looking flush. Once Posietint dries I also find that is is see though and smudge proof as well as budge proof. Once this stain goes on it isn't coming off for awhile. It's very long lasting and I've been pleased with how long it lasts every time i use it. Posietint is also a multi use product, it can be used for both cheeks and lips. However I can't really say how I like it as far as a lip stain goes or how it wears as a lip stain because I have never used it for that purpose at least not yet. I will say that I do think it will make a beautiful lip stain just judging by the stain it leaves on my skin. Posietint is also a buildable color, if one application does not give you the color you desire you can reapply to get a deeper color.I'm extremely pleased with Benefit Posietint and do highly recommend, especially if you are like me and love pink blush or lip products. I so pleased with Posietint that when I run out I will be repurchasing again and now that I've used Posietint I'm very interested in trying Cha Cha Tint. Anyone else own Posietint or any of the other Benefit tints, if so what do you think?