Monday, August 12, 2013

Coach Outlet Haul - Happy Birthday To Me!

I went to the coach outlet for my birthday. As always I went a little wild in there. I bought several items and I had a blast shopping! 

Wanna see what I got?

The first thing I picked up was this bag the Peyton Tattersall Pocket Tote. I mainly purchased it because of the size and I loved the print. I'm carrying more these days, so I need a larger bag. I also bought this for another reason  it's coated canvas. I like the fact I can just wipe it, if I need to. I thought it would be a bit easier to take care of. However the leather will be a problem, it's going to be hard to keep clean, and spot free. I'll have to watch taking it out on a day when it could possibly rain. I also love this style of bag because if can be wore at least 4 different ways, and one is crossbody. It has a dark brown background with the tattersall print.It is very basic inside with a tan to match the straps and all the usual coach pockets. I ended up getting this bag for $112.00. (sorry some of the photos turned out a little dark)

The next bag I got is the same style just a different color and it's embossed. I bought the Peyton Embossed Pocket Tote in Chartreuse.  I mainly bought this because of the color. It's between a yellow and green and at times can appear a little neon. I loved the color and even have a pair of khaki shorts the same color, so it will match perfectly. Again love the size and since it's coated, it will make it somewhat easier to care for. However it's got the same problem as the other bag, the leather will be hard to care for. This bags inside is the exact same as the other. A tan to match the leather and all the normal coach pockets, nothing too fancy inside. I ended up purchasing this bag for $133.00. Again sorry some of the photos turned out a little dark. I also had trouble getting the bag to appear true to color for some reason, so the color is actually a little different in real life.

The next bag I bought was the Signature Stripe tote. My photos turned out a little dark but it's the brown khaki with a pink stripe, and accents. I saw one of these online and wanted one. I love the size, plus it has a zip pocket in the middle of the bag which i love. I also love how it has ties on the sides. I however did make one mistake in picking up this bag. I forgot to look for flaws. There is a small round dirt mark on the front that i'm going to have to clean off. I normally look at the bags and accessories I buy to look for flaws, however that day I was just too excited and forgot to look at that item. I got this bag for $124.50.

The next item I bought was the Getaway Signature Nylon Large Packable Tote in hot pink. I also saw one of these online and wanted one. I wouldn't have minded having a smaller size, but they didn't have one, so I got the big one. I thought I could use this as a beach bag, or for overnight trips, or days I need to carry a ton of stuff. I love how it's nylon and I can wipe it or possibly throw it in the washer. I purchased it for $89.50, which wasn't too bad. If you've never had or seen one of these before the bag folds down and fits in a pouch. When the bag is unfolded, the pouch snaps inside the bag. I love it! I don't want to unfold mine right now, so no pics of the unfolded bag yet. It does come with a Coach hangtag like all other Coach bags and it has Coach hardware on the front.

Next I decided to pick me up a mini umbrella. I don't need another umbrella but it's smaller and will fit better inside my purse, plus I loved the print. It's black and gray, they is outlined in the legacy stripes. I adore this little umbrella. I'm not ready to use it yet, so no photos of it popped open, but i'll post some soon! I ended up purchasing this item for $24.50.

The next item I bought was a wristlet. Now I didn't really NEED another wristlet, but I couldn't resist this one. I love how the Cs are outlined with a pink glittery color! I had looked at a bag in this same print, but ended up putting the bag down and going with the wristlet instead. It's one of the larger wristlets, with a packet in the front. As far as the inside goes it has a rosey pink satin lining, which I like. I got the wristlet for only $39.00 and I love it!

The last three items I bought was all scarves. I love buying them to decorate  my handbags with, so I fell in love with three of the ones they had.

First off the Peyton Tattersall 27x27 multi  scarf that I purchased it for $29.50.

Then I bought the Park HD Print Ponytail Scarf for $14.50.

Finally the last item I got was the Peyton Tattersall Ponytail Scarf for $14.50.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ralph Lauren Polo Haul - Happy Birthday To Me

I recently went to the Ralph Lauren Polo outlet for my birthday. They was having a really good sale which was 30% off (plus they already had mark downs). Well I had a coupon that also added on a extra 20% off, so combined it made it 50% off your total. Given that I had such a good coupon I went a little crazy at the Polo outlet.

Wanna see what I got?

I kind went in Polo on a mission  I wanted to see if I could find some fabric strap flip flops. I had bought some in there before and I loved them so I looked for flip flops first. They didn't have the fabric strap flops but they did have some flip flops, so I bought three pair. They were originally $19.99 each. They was marked down to $12.99 and then apply 50% off, so I got them for only $7.27 each!

All the pairs have the polo pony print on the bottoms. I think it's cute, if you walk in water you leave the polo pony trail behind.

The next item I picked up was a umbrella. To be really honest with you I didn't NEED it, but I wanted it. I don't have a polo umbrella and wanted one. I'm also going to be honest with you again, this umbrella is much nicer then any of the Coach umbrellas I own. It's got a wooden handle(coach don't have that), it not only pops open but also looks like it has a automatic close as well (coach don't have that). Plus it's got Ralph Lauren and the Polo pony imprinted on parts of it (Again coach don't have that on the umbrellas I have). I think i'm really going to like it. I have not popped it open yet, because I want to wait to use it before I pop it open. So far I haven't had a chance to use it, so no photos of how it looks popped open, at least not just yet. It was originally $29.99 and I got it for only $16.85.

It has a bit of a chip in the handle, which to be honest i didn't know when I picked it up, or i'd have selected another. Oh well, wont hurt nothing, still love the umbrella!

The next item I picked up was a long sleeve tee. It was originally priced at $32.99 and I got it for $18.47

The next several items I got was just a basic polo. They are the skinny polos so I sized up to a XL (which I did with all my RL purchases, since they seem to run small sometimes). I got several of the skinny basic polos. The original price was was $59. 99 and I got each one for $33.59.

After I bought the basic polos I decided to get a bit adventurous and buy something a bit different in the polo shirts. I got two different ones, and one has the big pony. They were both originally $69.99 each and I got each of them for $39.19.