Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old Navy Haul

I ended up having to go exchange some of the clothes that i bought the last time at Old Navy, I had to go size down on a few things. I got lucky and 3 out of 4 of the things i had to exchange...well really I got lucky with all of it. 3 of the four things I found in the size I needed and the khaki shorts I couldn't find in the size, and would have had to have them shipped in from some where else so I ended up just letting go of the khaki shorts. I hate they didn't have them, I really liked those, but oh well. The things I exchanged that I was able to buy back I actually got cheaper than the first time I bought them. Not only that but Old Navy was having a really good sale so I ended up buying several extra items for nearly nothing. I also found a larger selection of clothes, and colors than what is made available online. It's been awhile since I actually shopped at Old Navy before these last few weeks, so I actually forgot about a lot. I would actually recommend shopping in store or at a outlet as opposed to online. With online prices seem to be higher than in store and selection isn't as good. This sale that they are having now (well was having yesterday at least, probably still are) wasn't available online, it's actually a pretty good sale. They are having buy one get one free on tees and tanks(select ones obviously), a lot of other items is marked down like shorts, and some tanks are only $3.50, I  also saw sweaters for nearly nothing, really good sale. The active shorts I had to take back and exchanged for smaller sizes I originally paid $15.00 each for them but they was marked down to $12.50. I also saw some cute lounge shorts for only $7.50 and originally they as $15.00(they are featured in this haul). With everything I bought I ended up saving $49.00 I was a happy person. Strongly suggest if you was spring/summer clothes...go check out the sale and take advantage!

the first thing I picked up was these active shorts, which was in the last haul, I ended up getting a size down.. Originally $15 - paid $12.50

I also ended up picking up another pair of these, I didn't exchange sizes or anything just bought a second pair since I love the color. Originally $15 - paid $12.50

I ended up buying these henley tees, the orange I had to size down in and seeing as how they was buy one get one fee I ended up buying two. Paid only $8.50 and got both!

I also bought these tanks, these was buy one get one free as well. Seeing as how I have to layer most of my clothes from Old Navy I figured these would come in handy. However I will say these are stretch material so you might was to get a size larger than normal if you purchase these. Paid only $8.50 and got both.

These was in the last haul as well, ended up having to go a size down in these too. Originally $15 - paid $12.50

This tank was only $3.50, and at my store they had melon but had sold out in my size, they had this blue, and black all for only $3.50 so I ended up buying the blue just because it was a good deal and i can always use tanks.

Loved these colors and given that they was buy one get one free I bought both they are the perfect fit tees. Paid $8.50 and got both.

I also ended up buying more henley tees because of the buy one get one, loved the bright colors! Paid $8.50 and got both.

Last buy not least are these lounge shorts I was talking about. Originally $15 - paid only $7.50. They also had other colors if pink isn't your thing. I think they had gray and maybe black if i remember right.

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