Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Coach Bag & Charm From The Outlet

I've been looking at the Coach outlet online the past few weeks and never saw anything that really caught my eye until this week. I hadn't really planned on buying anything, I just like to look around at the outlet online all the time and see some of what is available. When I logged onto the sale the other day I saw the new MFF Kristin line and I was smitten, I knew I had to have one of the bags. I had a couple of bags that I liked picked out online the Satchel, Crossbody, and the Hobo. The only colors I liked was the Rose leather and the Signature with the Rose leather accents. It took me a little while to decide what one I wanted but I did decide on only one bag. I also got one of the charms I've been trying to find for awhile but hadn't found until now. This is actually the first time I shopped the sale online. I normally buy in store and prefer to make the long trip there because I get the actually see the items. I also feel there is much more of a selection and that prices are better in store. I'm pretty pleased with my online shopping experience and may in the future shop the online sale again. I got a pretty good discount on my bag and charm, which was 50% off. Well are you ready to see what I got? I also took modeling shots if you want to see how it wears and what it looks like.

UPS dropped off this little box this afternoon.

I opened the box ASAP...

I bought the Kristin Signature East West Crossbody with Rose accents. I only paid $99.50 for it and that was with my 50% off discount applied(on top of a other discount).

Here she is out of the packaging, I adore her!

The crossbody strap on the bag comes off and this is what she looks like without the long strap.

Here is the strap, it is adjustable as you can see.

Here is what the back of the bag looks like.

This is what the bag looks like inside. I'm actually surprised by the size, it will hold a lot more then I had imagined it would.

Here is the tag for the bag

Here is what the buckle looks like, it has Coach imprinted on the buckle.

This is how to buckle opens.

The front pocket.

The hangtag.

The bottom of the bag.

I finally got the FP Tourmaline Tassel Charm I've been wanting for awhile but wouldn't pay full price for. I stalked outlets forever hoping to find it, and finally did. I got it for 50% off the original $38.00 price tag.

The bag can be wore five different ways on the arm, on the shoulder without the long strap, crossbody, in the hand like a pouch, and on the shoulder with the long strap. Here are some modeling shots of most of the ways to carry it and I had a few heavy items in the bag to give it some shape in most photos. Thank you to my husband for these shots! For reference I'm 5'7' and roughly 180 (AKA: Size 14 Wait, Large Top)

First on the arm without the long strap...

On the shoulder without the long strap...


On the shoulder with the long strap...

Other random shots of the bag and charm...