Monday, December 31, 2012

My Coach Charm / Key Fob Collection

I just recently got into collecting Coach charms and key fobs. I had a few I had previously bought, but the majority of my collection has been bought more recently. I plan to expand my collection as I find charms / fobs I like. I also plan to come up with some way to display these charms so that the display is both eye pleasing and protective. I don't want them exposed to dust and dirt or possible scratches. I currently keep them in my chest in a special area I have set aside for accessories, in their dist bags.

As I get fobs / charms I'll update so keep checking back!
Current Count: 13

Strawberry Charm

Multi Lozenge Hangtag Charm - Boutique / 2012

Single Legacy Tassel Key Ring in Champagne / Boutique / 2012

Valentines Day Multi Mix Key Fob - Outlet - 2012

Single Legacy Tassel Key Ring in Cobalt / Boutique /  2012

MFF Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - Outlet - 2012

Signature Heart Lock & Key Fob - Outlet - 2012

Rabbit Fob

Coach Pink Pave Heart Fob

Legacy Stripe Heart Charm (at one time it had lipgloss in it)

Garden Mix Key Fob - May 2013 - Outlet Purchase

Coach Glitter Watermelon Fob - Summer 2013

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions - 2013

Happy New Years!

These are my New Year's Resolutions....

1.) Lose even more weight! I'm thinking somewhere between 12-8 and then stop losing. I've lost a ton of weight and i'm currently a 14.

2.) Buy my first home and a brand new home at that in the state in which both my husband and I want to live. We are already currently working on this!

3.) Buy some leather bags, all I ever seem to buy or like is signature. It's time to buy a little something new and expand my collection this year!

4.) Graduate college, if all goes well by summer 2013!

5.) Learn to sail, would love to take at least 1 class if not more  by the end of summer 2013!

What's your New Years Resolutions for 2013? Feel free to share!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's In My Bag - Dec 2012

I decided to go to Hobby Lobby yesterday and spend my gift card I got for Christmas. I ended up packing my new MFF studded tote to take with me. I decided to make it my every day bag after all. I did "dress up" the bag a little with a scarf bow and my new champagne tassel fob I bought. I just love my new bag, it's smaller then my old every day coach bag but still roomy enough to carry what I need during the day.

Coach Ocelot Business Card Case
Mini Notebook for phone number and misc use
Vera Bradley wristlet that I keep change in
flash drive for my classes

Everything You Need To Know About Coach

This will be updated as I learn new things, check back often!

1.) There are two separate Coach stores
The Coach Boutique
The Coach Factory Store (AKA the outlet)

2.) Coach makes two types of bags
Bags and accessories for the boutique (AKA Full price or FP)
Bags and accessories made for factory stores on (AKA Made For Factory or MFF)

3.) Yes you can find Coach boutique items at the outlet from time to time at discounted prices, some times very good discounted prices.

4.) They do take Coach boutique bags and remake them for the factory. Take the poppy line for instance, they now have MFF Poppy bags.

5.) The outlet ALWAYS has a sale and ALWAYS hands out coupons at the door. The discounts range I've seen it as low as 20% and as high as 40% off. No you don't have to have to coupon in your hand at time of checkout, they take the discount off anyway.

6.) Yes those discounts can be stacked on top of already discounted items. Say there is a bag that is on the 50% off shelf so half the price (even if it is already marked down) then stack on whatever percentage off that is happening at the time. Need help computing the price, ask a SA they generally always have calculators in their hands!

7.) There are several ways to access an outlet.
Go to an actual factory store at a outlet mall where the sell goes on every day
Sign up and log on to the Coach factory store website when a online sell is happening.
Go to Ebay and they have a Coach factory store that you can sign into when online sells are happening.

8.) A lot of people seem to think there may be quality differences between boutique items and MFF items. I personally have not had any trouble and I've been buying coach boutique since around 2006 and Coach factory since 2007. I have had no quality issues and I use both my boutique items and MFF heavily  I generally use my MFF items more then my boutique items though. So zero quality issues to report on my end.

9.) A lot of people seem to think the SA (AKA Sales Associates) do a better job and are more personal at a boutique. However  I've been to both and I feel I get better service at the outlet then I do my boutique store. I guess it's all a matter of personal opinion and you just have to judge for yourself. Every outlet and boutique experience varys from store to store i'm sure. It's all in who you get for the day as a SA.

10.) If you are just getting into designer handbags, there are fakes! You have to be careful where you buy your items from. I know a lot of people know this, but hey when I first got into designer handbags back in 05-06 I didn't know there was a such thing as a fake. So a heads up for all the Coach newbies. Never buy so called Coach bags (or as I like to call them Foach bags AKA Fake Coach) from a flea market, the side of the road, in front of a grocery store, and be very wary of Coach from Ebay, amazon or any other online place Coach items may be sold. Before buying online, make sure it's real! ALWAYS get your Coach bag or accessory authenticated!

11.) When buying at a outlet always inspect your purchases before buying. I have seen dirty, and scuffed items on the shelf. Don't just assume they are perfectly fine before purchasing. Look at your bags especially on the bottoms of the bags.

12.) Generally the front of the outlet (as far as bags go) will hold the most MFF bags. Toward the back of the store will be the 50% off bags and FP deletes.

13.) Curious to know if they have a particular item before you go to your outlet? Call your closest outlet, you can have things placed on hold for you.

14) If you see something you like at the outlet but are not sure about it, grab it! Things go fast at the outlet, especially if it's busy. If you decide not to purchase you can always put it back later. I have been at a outlet seen something I might want, and there was 4 or 5 of them. I'd step away for 5 minutes or so and they would all be gone. If it's a good deal people will generally be all over it.

15.) Always leave a lot of time for Coach outlet shopping. Make several trips around the store before you decide.

16.) Don't see something you want or a color you want? Ask if it's in back, sometimes they have other merchandise in the back that is yet to be put out on the shelf.

17.) Not everything you will see at a Coach boutique will get shipped to the outlet. Some lines sell out fast and some don't.

18.) The creed on the inside of your Coach bag gives you more information then you might think.
The letters at the beginning of the creed stand for the month the bag was made.
A - Jan
B- Feb
C- Mar
D - April
E - May
F - Jun
G - July
H - Aug
I - Sept
J - Oct
K - Nov
L - Dec
If there is a F in the beginning of the last set of numbers in the creed it means it's a MFF bag. If there is no F then you have a FP bag

19.) Coach does send out special discount cards for FP items called PCE (preferred customer event), they send these out once in awhile. You have to be in the system to receive one meaning you have to have purchased from a boutique before.

20.) Ever so often Coach does put a bullseye on FP deletes. If you see 2 bullseyes on your item it generally means final sale. Not all FP deletes have the bullseye.

21.) To find the nearest Coach boutique or Coach Factory store simply go to and to to the store locator. You can either hunt to boutique or scroll and find the link that says search for coach factory stores.

22.) Can't find a bag you want at your closest outlet. Stalk outlets, call multiple ones until you find what you're looking for. They can ship you the items you want.

23.) Macy's has a F&F (Friends & Family) sale ever so often in which you can get discounts on Coach bags and accessories at Macy's.

24.) In the Online Factory Sale from Coach Factory you are only allowed 5 leather and 5 siggy and a total of 10 items. In order to add signature items, they had to be classified as 'signature'. Those are the ones that show 'this is a signature item' at the end of the list of specs.Some items even though they are signature, they are not considered signature. They don't have the 'this is a signature' note and they count them towards the other total.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Went Shopping at the Coach Factory Store!

I went to the Coach Factory Store the day after Christmas, knew there would be good deals and wanted to do some shopping. I made the 3 hour trip there in rain, snow and eventually ice. It wasn't bad at my house it was just raining but by the time I got to the outlet snow and ice was covering the roads and ground there. I saw several accidents on my way there, the worst being a a few tractor trailers flipped over. Hopefully no one got hurt but there was a lot of cars messed up. Thankfully I made it there and back safely and come home with a lot of new items, which i'm super happy about!

I was surprised that there were several other people in the store other then me, considering how bad the weather was. I didn't except anyone to be there, but there was a few other shoppers. I originally went just to buy bags, however strictly bag buying didn't last, I bought several accessories as well. I came out with the biggest shopping bag I believe I have ever had from Coach, and as you can see it was pretty big.

I saw a lot of pretty things and wanted a ton of stuff and ended up buying 8 items this time. They had a lot of new items. I saw some cute MFF spring bags, and they had two new Valentines day fobs as well as some other colors of tassels they didn't have before. I saw a stunning FP Madison Patent Leather Maggie in a shimmery purple.  I'm not sure of the exact color name but it was beautiful! Almost bought it but put it back on the shelf, ended up not wanting to pay such a high price for only one bag. They also had lots of ocelot accessories to pick from. I found a ocelot wristlet wallet for only $40.00! I wish I would have bought it but I decided to go with something else. They also had the gathered bags (the Ashley bag i believe it was and one other style of bag) in burgundy  gray, and a cobalt color. I looked at the gray for 105.00 after discount but ended up not buying it since I wasn't "in love" with it. They also had MFF Tartan bags, but I didn't care of the ones they had, but they had great deals on them, especially the convertible shoulder bag into a crossbody. I had a wonderful SA, she followed me around and told me prices on any bag or item I pointed to (and trust me I pointed to a lot before deciding), helped me pick out bags and accessories and even went in the back and brought things out for me to see that wasn't on display. She was very friendly and hope to get that SA again, she really went above and beyond to help me out and make sure I got everything I wanted.

Well are you sick of me going on and on yet? Ready to see my new Coach goodies! Well just go get yourself something to drink and snack on, sit back and enjoy! I took a lot of photos, even modeling pics! (Thanks to the Husband for those photos, he took them for me) If you have questions about a particular item, feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer your questions.

The first thing I decided to buy was of all things a charm. I was supposed to buy only bags but when I saw the new Valentines Day charms I couldn't resist one of them. They had two styles the one I bought then they had another one with cascading small multi colored hearts. Sorry the photo turned out a little dark. I had to get rid of the flash in order to take a semi decent photo of it, the flash kept ruining the photo. I ended up taking about 50 photos of this before I got one that was half way decent.

MSRP: $58.00
Marked Down to: $24.00
With 40% off I paid: $15.12

The second thing I bought was also a charm and it's the FP boutique charm in champagne. I couldn't resist it when I saw it. I kind of had my eye on the champagne and at the same time kind of didn't. I more or less wanted Tourmaline, Fuchsia or Ultraviolet. However I have a lot of metallic bags, or bags with metallic accents that it would look nice on, so I grabbed it up. These to my knowledge are still at the boutiques for $38.00 each. Why pay that when you can go to the outlet and with 40% off pay $15.12? Silly to pay boutique prices when you can get better deals at the outlet. I've been stalkig the charms looking for the above colors I've mentioned but so far no luck. If I ever find them at the outlet they are coming home with me! The outlet did have several other colors as I already mentioned. They had Emerald, Carmelian as well as one other champagne charm / fob. Sorry this one turned out dark as well, since it was metallic I had to turn the flash off again to get a half way decent photo without the flash messing it up. My mother actually purchased this for me as a after Christmas gift, so big thanks to her, I love my mom!

MSRP: $38.00
Marked down to: $24.00
With 40% off I paid: $15.12

The third thing I decided to by was a bag (finally I got around the to bags) , a Ashley Hand Drawn Scarf Print Convertible Hobo to be exact. I have a few cross body bags and adore them, so decided to buy another. I love the colors in this bag and had looked at a umbrella in this print the last outlet trip I made but didn't get the umbrella. I love the bag even more after getting it home and trying it on and seeing how it wears, which I didn't do in the store. This bag will have to be a bag I carry every once in awhile, it is satin or at least it feels like satin, it will be easy to pick and get dirty. There is now way it can be a everyday bag for me, way to easy to mess up.

MSRP: $358.00
Marked Down to: $228.01
With 50% off $129.99
With a combined 40% off I Paid: $81.90

This bag can be wore three ways: on the arm, across the body, or on the shoulder. I personally think it looks nice all three ways, and I'll probably vary how I carry the bag depending on my mood and what i'm doing.  The long cross body strap can be unclipped and taken off (the small strap can not be unclipped), I just didn't bother to do it in my photos. My husband did pretty good taking photos, however it's not surprising he does pretty good at most things. I may get him to take more photos for me in the future!

The next thing I picked up was also another bag. This is a MFF studded Sateen Stripe Tote. I know brown isn't that impressive however it wasn't the color it was the studs that drew me to the bag. I love those studs and think it is pretty how they even studded the Coach hangtag. I bought this bag with the thought of making it my new every day bag. However i'm not sure if I wanna do that or not, I find it to be pretty and not sure I want to mess it up like that, but I do badly need a new every day bag so this will probably be it. It has a couple of pockets inside, one zip two non zip. It also has a pocket in the back of it which I found nice, could come in handy. The inside is a pretty light pink satin, which I will have to be careful with.

MSRP: $298.00
Marked down to: $119.00
With 40% off I paid: $74.94

Finally the last bag I purchased (but not the last item purchased) was this MFF Poppy bag. A Daisy Pop C Print Tote (AKA Poppy Glam Tote). Now I took forever to decide on this bag. I had two bags I liked and had to pick between this and a patent leather MFF tote in pink siggy. I already had a bag like the patent leather bag in bronze minus the patent so that played a factor in my choice. Also I just loved this bag even thought I had some reservations about it being age inappropriate  I'm in my late 20's and this does seem a bit young. I asked the SA about the age thing and she told me of the bags they had could be carried by any age (keep in mind the patent leather tote was more money so the store would have made more money if she pushed that). I also asked my mother who was there with me (and also purchased a spring bag for herself) she said she didn't see anything wrong with the bag. I even explained how I like to keep my bags for years at a time and get lots of use out of them and explained my age in 5 years and both didn't seem to have any problems with the bag and my age. In the end I bought what I liked the most. I will be carrying this bag, not who cares what people think of my bag. I'm the one paying money for it so as long as I like it, that's all that matters (my husband hates this bag, he says I made the wrong choice, but who cares). I really do love this bag it's big, roomy, bright and I love the glittery handles! I don't have any other bags like this, in fact it's my first poppy handbag. I also bought a poppy scarf recently that would go great with this bag, in fact it matches it perfectly! I had looked at  small cross body in the print and ended up going with this big bag because it was a better deal. The small crossbody as $75 and this big bag was $81, so for a few dollars more I got a much larger bag.

MSRP: $298.00
Marked down to: $129.00
With 40% off I paid: $81.27

I may have been done buying bags at that point but not accessories! I apparently have a serious problem with accessories. I could not pass up buying at least a few. I ended up buying a ocelot business card case. I'm actually going to use this as a small wallet, maybe even turn it into my everyday wallet. It may look small but it's got room for folded money, and plenty of room of cards. I have several other ocelot items and couldn't resist the card case. 

MSRP: $98.00
Marked down to: $79.99
50% off : $39.99
Price I paid with 40% off: $25.19

I also picked up a ocelot ponytail scarf. As most of you may already know, love tying scarf bows on my bags to kind of dress them up a little and often buy different ones for that purpose. I ended up doing two separate transactions for the day and on the second transactions bought this scarf and one other item.

MSRP: $38.00
Marked down to: $29.00
Price I paid with 40% off: $18.27

The last item I bought was also a ponytail scarf, I didn't know I was buying this until she came out of the back room with it. I was looking around for a possible second scarf to buy and didn't see much i loved so I asked if they would possibly have any other "brighter" scarfs in the back. She came back with this scarf (which is also the same print of bag that my mother bought, and the print of the new spring bags that are out right now) and as soon as I saw it I loved it and bought it. It was the only one they had like it so I'm glad to have gotten the last one.

MSRP: $38.00
Marked down to: $29.00
Price I paid with 40% off: $18.27

Total Savings for the day: $871.05
(Not counting the Champagne tassel fob)

Anyone else go to the Coach Factory Store the day after Christmas? What did you see? What did you buy?