Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick

Purchased from: CherryCulture
Price I paid: $2.50
Grade: A-

My Opinion: I absolutely love these lipsticks I really don't have many complaints with these lipsticks. These are very creamy, moisturizing, and all these shades are shimmery which I love. I like that these have the lipstick colors in the bottom, so you can always see what color you are picking up without even removing the cap. With these lipsticks what you see as far as color goes is what you get, and I also love the fact that NYX has a ton of color selection to choose from with these. To me for $2.50 these lipsticks was defiantly worth the buy, another thing that I like about these lipsticks is that even though they are a cheap lipstick they do not feel like one, when i put these on I feel as if I've just put on one of my more expensive lipsticks. These do have a bit of a smell to me, they smell a little like suntan lotion or maybe a little like soap, but the scent is very soft and pleasant and I really don't mind it at all, in fact i kind of like it. Even though I do think these are wonderful lipsticks I do have one complaint. I do not like the fact that the color labels are on the lids because if you have the lids off of 2 or more at a time and do not pay attention you can easily get the caps mixed up and forget what color is what if you have several shades that are almost similar. Which is exactly what has happened to me when I did this review. i started taking the caps off and wasn't thinking and now I have 3 of the colors mixed up and now I'm not sure what color is what. I'm so used to lipstick shade colors being on the bottom that when I took the caps off I didn't think to pay attention to the caps, and set them to the side. so now the only colors of these five that i know for sure is Darling and Jupiter, the other three are totally mixed up, which is why i didn't label all of the colors in the photo. Other that that I'm very happy with these lipsticks and in the future I'm sure I will be buying more. If you want to try these for yourself you can pick some up anywhere NYX products are sold or you can do like me, you can buy from CherryCulture since they have the best deals on NYX products.

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