Monday, April 11, 2011

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze

I bought these mainly just to try them out because i was curious. Oasis is the top color which is kind of a shimmery rose pinkish color, and fuchsia which is a hot sparkling pink is on the bottom. I must say the colors are very beautiful, and i do like using the colored gloss side, which to me smells a little like berries. However the lip plumper, i can not bring myself to use, the smell makes me sick. To me the plumping gloss smells exactly like vicks save, which if you have never used vicks it's really menthol and it's stuff you are supposed to put on your chest when you have a cold and breathe it in to open up your sinuses. I never could stand the smell of vicks and i sure can not stand the smell of the plumping side of this gloss so I have never used it to know if it actually plumps your lips, however if you have a cold and want to use this pumping side as a gloss i guess the bonus part is it might help your sinuses out lol The size of each end of the gloss is a little over a inch, the whole product is 4 inches maybe a little smaller. To me it was worth the dollar because as i said i do love the colored gloss end and do use it a lot, even though i don't use the plumper i do plan to buy more of these simply just to use the colored sides. Other than the bad smell of the plumper i don't really have anything bad to say about the product. If you want to try one of these for yourself it's only a $1 and you can buy at or any place that sells elf cosmetics such as Kmart.

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