Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NYX Haul From CherryCulture

My NYX haul came in a much smaller than expected box!

After hearing A LOT of things about NYX I decided to give it a try and decided to order from cherryculture which that was also a first for me. After looking around at all of the different products NYX has I found several things I wanted to try, in fact I went a little crazy as you can see, mostly with lipgloss / lipstick. With the gloss I got a variety of different colors. I have to admit i LOVE pink gloss but i also decided to pick up some nude shades which i don't have very many of at all. With the pearl eyeshadows, i owned two before i purchased and i loved both of those so much i decided to buy several more. I also got 3 blushes two powder and one cream, before this cream blush i had never owned a cream blush, so i can't wait to try that out. The positive things i noticed is that all my order was there, and was correct, and they packaged it very well, plus the shipping time was reasonable. I'm very excited to swatch and try all of my new NYX products, be on the look out for a lot of new reviews!

NYX Round Lipgloss Strawberry
NYX Round Lipgloss Peach
NYX Round Lipgloss Queen Of Africa
NYX Round Lipgloss Baby Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss Apricot
NYX Round Lipgloss Natural
NYX Round Lipgloss Pinky Natural
NYX Round Lipgloss Whipped
NYX Round Lipgloss Sorbet
NYX Round Lipgloss Red Tint
NYX Round Lipgloss Soap Opera Queen
NYX Round Lipgloss 24K
NYX Round Lipgloss Honey
NYX Round Lipgloss Ballerina Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss Sparkle
NYX Round Lipgloss Doll Pink
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss Pink Frost
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss Golden Pink
NYX Powder Blush Peach
NYX Powder Blush Pinched
NYX Rouge Cream Blush Glow
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Lime
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Sky Pink
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Mink
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Mocha
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Oro
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania True Purple
NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick Sparkling Dusty Rose
NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick Sparkling Salmon
NYX Round Lipstick Margarita
NYX Round Lipstick Jupiter
NYX Round Lipstick Vitamin
NYX Round Lipstick Indian Pink
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