Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coach Garden Mix Key Fob

I hadn't really planned on buying anything from the Coach outlet but I couldn't resist one small purchase.
I decided to buy the Coach garden mix key fob  I mainly bought it because it reminds me of what my mother and I do every single mothers day. It's a tradition that we always buy flowers and plant flowers together on mothers day. This mothers day was pretty special to us both and this key fob happened to pop up at the exact same time so I bought myself one. I want to buy my mother one as well, but right when I went to purchase her one they took them off the site. I keep hoping they will add them back to the outlet sell, but so far no luck. I love this key fob so far, it's so cute. The little watering can has the Coach C on it as you can see and the little bee has coach written across his black stripe, which my camera didn't do a very good job of showing. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vera Bradley Mandy in Island Blooms

So i'm sitting here listening to the new song by Cassie called numb and looking at my latest bag. I must say i'm pretty happy, I bought on of my wishlist bags and I wouldn't necessarily call it designer but I bought a new Vera Bradley bag. I bought the Mandy in Island Blooms, which I have wanted for a good 6-7 months now. Here she is, newly unboxed and ready to be used!
I ended up having to place a order for her online since all of the stores in my area who sale VB did not have it in stock. I bought it online and received it in 60% less time then my local stores could get it ordered for me. I love this print, to me it looks perfect for summer and it looks beachy to me so It's perfect for me. I know there are lot of people who don’t care for Vera Bradley bags but I love them. I know they can be pretty expensive considering they are just quilted fabric but for me they work and I don’t mind paying the price, especially if I find a print and style I love. I think VB bags are great because number one you can wash them! That is a big deal to me. If I’m going to be in a dirty or germy area, break out the Vera and come home and wash it and it’s like new again. I love some of the print and colors they come in, I love bright colors and I adore this particular print. They are light and summery and something I don’t mind just throwing around. I also love to use my Vera bags when going somewhere I may not want to take my more expensive designer bags. Say if I go on vacation, or downtown and I don’t feel comfortable taking my designer bags these work perfectly for me. 

As far as this bag goes I love it so far, haven't used it yet but I can't wait to use it tomorrow! The bag is pretty basic it has one slip pocket on the outside and six pockets on the inside and has a zippered tote. It's pretty roomy inside so it can hold a lot. I love the size of it because while I may not always carry a lot there are days I have my purse stuffed completely full of stuff so I like a bag that can hold a lot for the days I need to carry more. Inside it has a block pattern as you can see and it comes with a little Vera Bradley card you can also see, just like all the other Vera bags. The price for the regular size Mandy bag that I bought is $70.00 and if you order it online and factor in taxes and shipping my grand total came to $84.80. If you are not much on big bags they do make this bag in a smaller size and it's called the Little Mandy. My mother has the Little version and it's exactly the same as mine, it has six pockets inside and one slip pocket outside the only difference is really the height of the bag and it may just a bit smaller on width as well. 
If you are interested in buying the Mandy bag in Island Blooms you better get it soon. The person I talked to in my local VB store told me that Island Blooms will be retiring soon. I believe she said in September, but I may have misheard her. Sorry but I don't have any modeling shots yet, but if/when I take any I will be sure to post them for you all so you can get an idea of what the bag looks like when it's full of stuff and when it's carried.

Friday, May 10, 2013

What's In My Bag - May 2013

I've changed out my bag to a bag I've never really carried much since I bought it a year and a half ago. I decided to carry one of my leather coach bags. I really like this bag, even more so since I've been carrying it lately and really using it for the first time. I love this bag because it has to Cs embossed into it, and I love the size of this bag it's huge so I can put just about anything I want into it and i'm ready to go, plus I love the metallic bronze color so much. I did have to prop it up against something to get it to stand upright because it don't have much structure to it at all.

So what's in my bag?

1. Our new Garmin GPS my husband and I purchased a few weeks back.
2. My free calendar I picked up at Hallmark a few months back.
3. My little blue change purse I picked up of all places at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. I've been seeing jelly purse accessories for awhile now, they seem to be getting popular and I've been wanting on so I saw it at the dollar store and decided I didn't want to tear up my Vera Bradley wristlet with change so I bought it for my change instead.
4. My Coach Ocelot business card holder I use as a small wallet
5. My USB for my classes
6. A pen
7. My Coach umbrella, I've been keeping it in my purse a lot lately since the weather hasn't been all that great.
8. My keys

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Old Navy Shopping Spree!!

For the last several years I haven't been able to find much in Old Navy that I cared for. The style in my opinion was awful huge chevron prints, ugly colors and sequins among other no nos. Well this spring I fell in love with Old Navy again and I went CRAZY in there ended up spending $420.00. I got one of those bags to put stuff in while I shopped and I stuffed one completely full to overflowing and went carrying a arm load of clothes and items as well. I'd say I was in Old Navy probably a good 4-5 hours shopping and trying on clothes. I've lost a lost of weight over the winter and I'm proud to say that now depending on the fit I can wear a size 12 pants / shorts and still a large in tops. Some items I had to get a 14 or a XL in because they ran smaller like Chinos and Polo shirts. Where I lost all of the weight I've needed some new better fitting clothes for awhile now, so I treated myself to huge shopping spree!

The first items i'm going to show you all are 6 pair of flip flops. Now I probably didn't NEED these but I loved the colors and i'm crazy for flip flops so I bought these and got repeats of two of the colors in case they get dirty I will have a second pair, plus the two colors match several items I bought. The yellow is more of a neon highlighter yellow, the camera washed the colors out. The hot pink is a true hot pink, it's neon and the navy has neon orange straps and the purple has jelly neon purple, orange and pink straps. I had to size up from my normal size because the ran a little small and I have a wide foot so my foot hung over the 9s on the sides so I went with a 10 this year. I generally have to size up or down with the flip flops in old navy, the sizing is screwed up a lot and every year my size changes. Last year I believe I had to buy a size 11 to fit my normal size 8 1/2-9 foot. None of these colors are available online YET so you will have to go in the store to get you a pair in these colors. If you are a frequent shopper at Old Navy you know they are 2 pair for $5.00 and you just can't beat that price. There are lots of pretty colors this year they also have a coral which I picked up and accidently picked up the wrong size and put it down and forgot to go get my correct size in the color until I got out of the store.

The next items I bought was these Boyfriend Skinny Khakis in Finding Neon and black. I adore these, and as soon as I saw them they went in my bag to try on. I ended up purchasing a size 14 in these a 12 worked but was a bit too snug for my liking, esp since I plan to wear these to work so I went up a size for a nicer fit.I liked them so well I ended up buying two pair of them.

I also bought several button down dress shirts for work in several different colors. I bought a darker bright pink (in the pink) which is one of the classic shirts. I wanted neon pink which they had just not in my size, so I ended up going with a darker bright pink. I also bought a Buttoned Tab-Sleeve Linen-Blend Tunic in neon yellowish green (Persian Melon) that is slightly different it has sleeves that roll up and button and the pink one does not. The color didn't show up as well on camera and some of the photos of them are better than others. I tried to take the best photos I could given my lack of space and time at the moment. I also bought a Plaid-Print Madras Shirt in Pink Madras and I bought a linen peach button down as well. All of these will mostly be for work but also for casual well as well.

I bought four of the perfect crew tees to go under the shirts. I bought pink, purple, grey, and black. Seeing as how I bought two or more they were only $6.00 each so that was a pretty good deal in my opinion. I kind of wished i'd have picked up a green as well but oh well, maybe some other time. 

Also I'm seeing three small empty boxes above this photo when I preview the post. I have no idea why they are there and no matter what I seem to do they won't go away so just ignore them. I'm also not sure why the spacing is screwed up closer to the bottom of the post so ignore that as well.
I bought myself a bathing suit but it won't be my "main" bathing suit. This is just going to be my bathing suit to sit in the ocean with and i'll have a coverup over it. It will just be something I can wear to chill out and sit in the beach chair and put my feet in the ocean. This was kind of a impulse buy and I will admit I bought it mainly over the color.

I bought a couple of polo shirts as well they had four colors to select from and I bought two of the four. I bought black (pictured) and navy (not pictured because I wore it yesterday). I love polos and couldn't resist buying a few of them.

When I saw the color of these I couldn't resist having a pair. I have a thing for neons at the moment and I can't seem to get enough of them. I bought a pair of the cuffed twill bermudas in Persian Melon. I can't seem to get neon colors to pick up very well on my camera so the color is a bit brighter then what my photos show.

Next I bought the rockstar denim bermudas, which I love. I generally don't buy that long of a short but when I tried these on I loved them and th fit so I bought me a pair of them.

The second I saw these womens everyday khaki shorts I fell in love and knew they would me mine. The color is what hooked me they are a true neon pink and I LOVE them!

Next I bought the sweetheart denim shorts and I LOVE these as well. These fit me perfectly and that's a rare thing for me to find. In fact I think these are the only shorts I've ever tried on that fit me perfectly. I bought these in a size 12 and I am so happy I picked up this pair of shorts to try on.

The last two items I bought were shoes. I bought a pair of actual shoes and a pair of sandals. The cross-strap sandals I had looked at online and they peaked my interest when I saw them.After I got in the store and tried them on I loved them and the color sealed the deal so they went in my bag. The shoes I needed because a lot of things I want to do this summer require actual shoes and not flip flops and since I don't buy actual shoes I needed a pair. When I saw the color and after I tried them on they went in my bag to buy. I love me some neons!