Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Makeup Storage and Makeup Table - Updated

There is a whole new updated post on my blog at this link if you are curious about what my makeup table, storage and collection looks like currently.

Well after trying to go with a pink and black theme for my makeup area, that did not work out. Seeing as how our overall theme is beachy, classy, blues, greens, brown, tan, and and black for my makeup area wasn't getting it at all! Plus to me after I started working with it, the pink theme didn't feel very grown up to me, even though I love pink i hate to say it but I've grown past it. So after contemplating taking my makeup storage area back, since it was the awful pink and black color, my husband came up with the idea of painting it for me, so finally i agreed to let him paint the drawers (and now that I've seen it painted I've been thinking about painting the outside shell of it brown). So my husband took me to several local stores and let me pick whatever theme color and things that i wanted for my makeup area, and i decided to go with Tiffany blue, which blends wonderfully with our overall theme and looks a heck of a lot better than what it looked like when i first started my makeup area project. My husband reluctantly gave in and did let me purchase a few acrylic organizers which turned out nicely, which he cringed at the plastic but given that it was just 2 tiny pieces, has learned to live with it. I'm still not finished with my makeup table seeing as how I need a mirror or two, a bench / stool, maybe some brown paint and some various other little odds and ends that I have planned however I would say my makeup storage, beauty bookcase, and makeup table are 75% done.

what my makeup storage area looked like before (I did not paint it pink and black when we bought it, it only came in pink and black)

Painting Day!


My makeup table with a new theme


  1. I love love love this unit, and I have been looking for a pink and black storage unit for my makeup for a long time now. Can you please let me know where you bought this at? I would greatly appreciate it, thanks doll!

  2. I bought the pink and black chest at hobby lobby. At the time they had two versions a pink and black one and a slightly different pink and green one.

  3. This is very unusual and visually appealing.


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