Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vera Bradley Haul - Happy Birthday To Me!

Since it's Birthday time for me, my husband decided to get me some birthday gifts. He gave me a set amount of money to spend for this purchase and let me buy whatever I choose(I love my husband, he just hands me money and I get to buy whatever I please!). I decided to buy me some Vera Bradley items, I purchased a couple of my wishlist items, and bought me one thing I needed. Ready to see what I bought? Here we go!

The first thing I bought was one of my wishlist items. I purchased the Set of 3 cosmetic bags in Island Blooms. I had been wanting them for awhile now, so I decided it would be one of the items I bought. I want them, not so much for cosmetic purposes  but just as random pouches to carry in my handbag. I have a lot of random stuff I carry with me these days, that needs a pouch to go on, so these work perfectly for that. I decided to get Island Blooms since it's my favorite print that VB has at the moment. I already have a bag in this print and wanted some matching accessories. I got these on sale, for $29.99. The original price of these was $40.00, so I got a pretty good deal on them.

The next item I purchased was something I needed. I purchased a Carry It All Wristlet in Purple Punch. I got this because I thought it would be great for a cell phone carry case. I didn't have one and needed on badly so I got me one. I love how this wristlet has a zippered area for credit cards, money, ID and change. I also love how you can wear the wristlet two different ways. You can either wear it as a wristlet or make it into a carry pouch. I adore it so far, I've used it every day since I bought it and it's perfect for me. I carry my stylus in the zippered part. It will also be good is I decide to buy ear buds, they will fit in perfectly. I plan to use it as a cell phone only case, as well as for my cell accessories and occasionally throw in other things such as ID or money when needed. I got this item on sale as well. It was originally #42.00, I got it for $34.99. 

The last item I bought was another one of my wishlist items. It's a Mandy bag is Lemon Parfait. I already have a Mandy bag and adore it, so I wanted to buy another one, and I loved this print, so I bought it. I got a great deal on this bag. It was originally $68.00 and I got it for only $34.99! Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Here is every thing all together!

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