Saturday, August 10, 2013

Went to Nautica...

I went on a pretty big shopping spree for my birthday and one of the stores I shopped in was Nautica. I went to the outlet mall I always go to, and on a whim decided to go in and see what they had.

I wanted to go in mainly to see if I could find some fabric flip flops, but I ended up finding something else. When I went in, it was the first thing I saw in the womens section and when I saw it I knew it had to be mine. 

I decided to buy a Nautica tote. They only had one of this particular bag so I hurried and picked it up right away. I looked around for flip flops but didn't see them in the very small womens section they had, it was mostly mens clothes and other mens items. I finally found the flip flops when I was walking out the door after I made my purchase. They did have flip flops and two pairs I would have loved to have had. However it was getting late and close to time to go home, so I didn't pick them up and go buy them....wish I would have!

While I was there I saw several cute items in the womens area. I saw this really cute shirt that was stripped, had Nautica written across it and had little tiny pink boat wheels on it. The cutest part of the shirt was that it tied in the back with a nautical looking rope. I wanted that shirt as well, but didn't pick it up either and again...wish I would have!

Any way on to the tote...It was originally priced at $44.50 and I got a good discount and got it for only $23.81! They had two other styles in the this tote, they had one that was pink and white. It had a pink bottom and white background with pink anchors on it. The other was red, white and blue, I believe it was stripped and had Nautica written across it and they had a ton of those left. Wanna see some photos of the one I bought?

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