Monday, January 21, 2013

Purchased - Old Navy Flip Flops

I was out browsing around the mall yesterday and decided to go into Old Navy. I went in mainly for two reasons. One I wanted to try on a size 12 jeans and see if it fit (Almost there! They buttoned and zipped, but was just a little snug) and the other reason was to check out the new flip flop selection. They have some really colorful styles available so far this year. I bought two of the three pairs I had looked at online (they didn't have the third style I liked). These styles are $6.94 each (sorry so 2 for 5 here ladies!) and they have the jelly straps not the hard plastic found on the 2 for $5.00 pairs. Did anyone ever have the jelly shoes that was popular in the 80's? To me the jelly straps feel like those shoes did. They are really soft, and comfy, not to mention colorful. I think they had a similar flip flop available last year or maybe the year before. If you have ever bought Old Navy printed flip flops you know that the prints rub off on the bottoms of the flops. This pair is no different but your strap colors will remain the same, they wont change. I love the rainbow straps and that is the only reason I bought these. I think once the prints on the bottoms rub off that the white flip flops with the rainbow strap will be pretty and same with navy.

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