Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Update: Switched Out Phone Cases & Picked Up A Stylus!

My husband and I went back up to the mall today to see if we could do something about my phone case, and to pick him up a carry case for his. Well he got his carry case, finally found one big enough to fit. I decided to take my cell phone case back to where I got it and the guy was very nice about it, and let me trade out my pink case for another case that would not do that. Now I admit I loved my pink case, and did hate to part with it, even if it did transfer color. The new case is a purple blue (more so a blue, depends on the way the light is) and too be honest i'm not that happy with it. The quality is fine, just not fond of the color. I had to chose form what he had left and he didn't have another girly case in sight so I ended up with this one. I like the color blue, but coastal blues and tiffiany blue, not so much a blue blue. However I am happy because this case does not color transfer and I guess it will work until I can get another more suited to my liking. While my husband and I were out I decided to stop by Wal-Mart and pick me up a Pink Stylus (at least it's pretty!). It's nothing fancy, but I love my new stylus!

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