Thursday, March 8, 2012

Old Navy Haul

I needed some new spring/summer clothes so I decided to go shopping at Old Navy again and these are some of the things I bought...

When I saw these shoes I had to have them, I love them.

I aloso bought flip flops, which when i shop at Old Navy is something i always buy. I love the Lotus Orange Neon color. These are actually my favorite color of flips flops I've ever bought, I ended up buying two pair because I love them so much. The color got washed out a little from the flash, they are really bright. I also bought a two toned brown and purple pair which is pretty.

I bought these two pair of jean shorts, i'm not sure if i'm going to like them yet. I usually wear shorter shorts and I decided to try something a little different and bought the longer ones. 

I origionally wanted these shorts for active shorts to go bike riding in this summer, they are bright and i thought they would be perfect. These shorts are mesh are marketed as active shorts but after trying them on these are see through, especially the yellow so these can't be used for active purposes unless you are cool with showing off the goodies, which i'm not. I did go ahead and decide to buy these for lounge / sleep shorts around the house because they are comfy and cool and I like the material even  though it's see though. 

Since the other shorts wasn't cool for active purposes I ended up buying these to go bike riding in. These have the mesh only on the side so these will work perfectly for biking.The sides are neon yellow mesh but again my flash just had to wash the color out, cloudy days suck for photo taking.

When I saw this shirt I had to have it, it's so cute and perfect for summer, it's very light weight. I plan to wear a shirt under it because of the way the back is made.

I also bought these shorts, again a little longer than I normally wear but I think i'm really going to like these.

I also bought just a plain perfect fit tee in charcoal, hated I had to buy a darker color, wish these was available in brights but they didn't have any at the time. The Flash messed up this photo too.

I decided to buy me a henley shirt as well. I have a couple of these already from old navy and liked them so well I bought another.

Now I really didn't need another tank top, I have tons. When I saw this i had to have it due to the color, it's a true neon pink, so I bought it.

The last thing I bought was this shirt, I love the color!

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