Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tips For Dealing With Poufy Thick Dry Naturally Curly Hair

So as a woman who knows all too well about this subject I thought this would be a helpful article. Before I go any further I will say if you love your naturally curly poufy hair this isn't a post for you, what I'm posting is a way to solve the problem, and get rid of it. Ever since i was a a teenager I have dealt with course, thick, naturally curly, dry, poufy hair. My hair was not like tight ringlet curly but more like wavy with loose curly As you can imagine being a teenager with that kind of hair was NOT fun. I used to get made fun of for it and understandably, i mean it looked like I had stuck my finger in a light socket. I tried everything I could think from hot oil, to only washing my hair a few times a week, every sort of spray, shampoo and special brush you could think of and no luck. Over the years however I have found some things that worked for me. If you are like me and want thin, normal looking, straight hair this is for you.

Chemically Straightening - This is the thing I found that made my hair look it's best and over a period of years of doing this in combination with the other things I will talk about has pretty well tamed my hair. Back around the age of 15 I believe was when I first had my hair chemically straightened, it was suggested to me by someone can't even remember who now. The woman who straightened my hair then still straightens my hair now and she used a perm but used it in reverse. Instead of curling it she put them perm on it and combed it as straight as she could, and used the neutralizer with it as well. She then would blow dry it straight. The only downfall is your hair smells like rotten eggs for three days until you can wash it but it looks wonderful. After having done this for year with other things my hair is finally more manageable and normal.

Thinning it out - The women who straightened my hair also thins it for it for me as needed. I'm not sure if most people know this I know i had no idea until she told me but you can get your hair thinned out. she has this little tool and it cuts off every other hair she thins out the underside of my hair and at the crown on my head since it's thick there. I have really thick hair even to this day I still have to have it thinned out every so often. My hair was so thick she would thin it and there would be wads of hair on the floor after she combed it out, enough for another person and I'd have a ton of hair left on my head.But I did find doing that in combo with the chemical straightening worked wonders.

Letting your hair grow long - I have found this is a good curl for the curl as well as a poufy hair, it seems like the weight as it grows out helps to keep it straight and more tame. If you have horrible hair never wear it short it only makes the problem worse.

Dye it by a professional - On a whim in my early 20s I just had to dye my hair and oddly enough it seemed to make my hair something like I had just straightened it, it was more manageable and it laid better. I'm not sure what caused that, I didn't figure it would have any positive effect on my hair but it did. I don't dye my hair anymore mainly because i got sick of having to dye it every month, but when it did it was helpful.

Wash your hair only every other day or two - I know you may not like doing that but there is something to be said about the natural oils in your hair, especially if your hair is course and dry.

Pantene moisturizing shampoo and conditioner - This has helped my hair a lot as well believe it or not it actually does work and work well with this kind of hair. I have used it for years and after all that time of use it has made my hair more manageable, it lays pretty and it isn't stuck out like it used to be. When I try to switch shampoo just for a change my hair starts to go back to that old look, so i have to switch back to it. 

Blow drying it straight with a ion hair dryer - After years of having chemically straighten my hair I have found it has helped my hair enough to where I only need it straightened every few years. It's been two years now since i had my hair chemically straightened and so far don't need to go back as long as I use a ion blow dryer with my hair and brush it while I dry it my hair comes out perfectly straight and normal looking, it's manageable and lays pretty. The only thing I have to still go have done is thinning and occasional trimming to keep the dead ends off. I have my hair long these days half way down my back and it looks great. I'm not sure what I will do when i get to the age long hair just wont do but for now I've got my hair to where it is normal. About the only time I deal with curl now is when I let my hair air dry naturally.

These are things that worked for me, hopefully if you are like me maybe they will help you as well. Having hair like I had was awful but now that i found something that worked I now no longer have to worry about having horrible hair.

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