Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Trip to Cave Run Lake in KY - Includes Photos

My husband and I decided to go to go to Cave Run Lake in the Daniel Boone National Forest in KY as part of our anniversary. We went a week or so ago and we had a great time. Since I took a ton of photos on our trip, I thought i'd share a few with all of you!

Before I begin with the photos I want to give you all a little information on Cave Run Lake. First off it' huge! There are tons of different access points, and every access point gives you a different view and some times an entirely different feel. The lake is located just outside of Morehead KY and I believe it is a man made lake, that has nearly 8,300 acres of water.

The first place we went was the marina. We love looking at boats. esp sailboats. We also sat around the marina and took in some of the beautiful views.

I love the water around the marina under the boat docking area. It's this beautiful bright shade of green, and it's pronounced on sunny days. I call it green koolaid!

The views off the big covered boat areas.

We saw a sailboat out on the water.

The sunshine glittering the water.

Some of the house boats are huge, way bigger then a house and they are double deckers.

One to a different area of the lake! This is one of the scenic overlook areas they built.

Yet another area of the lake! This one is much different the the marina.

And a whole other area of the lake and a different feel then the last area.

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