Monday, August 22, 2011

Ulta Haul

I decided to go shopping at my local Ulta and I picked up a few items since fall and winter are rolling around I picked up mostly items for that particular time of year. Got mostly foundation, lotion, and lip care, but i also got a few other things. Most of the things I purchased I needed or had wanted for some time now.

Seeing as how my skin changes colors from summer to winter I needed to pick up some new foundation colors so i bought 3 from Ulta brand. I've never used any of these before so hopefully they give decent coverage. I can not stand to spend a lot of money on foundations, I've contemplated buying one from Make Up For Ever but I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on something that probably wont last me very long, so for now I'm sticking to drugstore brand foundations...maybe one day I'll cross over to a more expensive foundation.

 I also decided to pick up two more foundations, one from Maybelline and the other from L'Oreal. I've used the Maybelline before and liked it so i picked it up again. Now the L'Oreal I've never used but wanted to try for awhile, admittedly because i want to try the little paint roller looking thing. $13 is a lot to spend on foundation especially if you don't know if you will like it or not but I decided to go ahead and get it anyway. It's one of the items I'm most excited about, can't wait to use the paint roller.

I'm really excited I finally got feather hair extensions, and this is another thing I bought that I'm so excited to try. Now I first saw these at Sephora and that is where i intended to get them but when I went to purchase them I couldn't find them anywhere. I don't know if they sold out, or discontinued them because I haven't seen them since that day. I was a little disappointed until I saw these at Ulta and I picked them up right away. Now these are a different brand and do look very different from what i originally found at Sephora but I like them anyway and can't wait to wear them.

I also saw these at Ulta and since I'm a Coconut lover and they was inexpensive I decided why not, and picked them up as well. I got a bodocology lotion and travel size body spray.

Seeing as how I've been needing a good face scrub for awhile now I decided to pick up one by Neutrogena and see how it works for me. I also picked up a Nivea lotion tin which is so cute, it's small enough to travel with and was only a $1 so why not? I also picked up a travel size EOS hand lotion to try as well.

I've been needing a new sharpener for awhile now and for some reason never decided to pick up one until now, I purchased the Ulta brand. I also purchased a Ulta brand powder and a Rimmel powder.

I decided to pick up some Sally Hansen nail hardener as well as two small pixel nail polishes, all three of these was just impulse purchases just to try and see how they work seeing how i've never used pixel polishes or nail hardener before.

I decided to get a EOS lip balm, which I have never tried before, but I've seen everyone under the sun with one and I'm very excited to try it as well. I believe the flavor i purchased was honeysuckle honeydew...or something like that. I also purchased three Ulta lipsticks and a Burt's Bees Honey lip balm.

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