Monday, November 21, 2011

What is the Difference Between NARS Orgasm and NARS Super Orgasm Blush?

When I first started getting into NARS products the first two items I bought was NARS Orgasm blush followed by NARS Super Orgasm blush. At the time i bought those I did not have a Sephora close to me so I had to purchase online without seeing them in real life. Now if you are are like I was at the time you may be wondering what the difference between NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm blush is. To be honest with you just glancing at the two colors laying on my makeup table they look like pretty much the same thing in the pan except to me one has gold glitter. However if I take a closer look Super Orgasm is lighter than Orgasm, and more on the pink side with glitter and that is pretty much the difference. A lot of people say it is just the glitter that is the difference but as you can see from my photos there is a color difference as well. If you are wondering if you should buy both, my answer is yes. To me there is enough of a difference to justify buying both colors. When I apply Super Orgasm blush I never seem to notice any of the glitter on my face but I always apply my blush very lightly so that is probably why I never notice it. If you are wondering which my favorite is of the two it is Orgasm and Orgasm is also the shade I recommend trying first between the two.

The top photo was taken on a cloudy day in natural light top color is Orgasm bottom color is Super Orgasm.

Bottom photo was taken on a sunny day in natural light. Colors from left to right: Super Orgasm and Orgasm

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  1. I never realized the chunks of glitter in Super Orgasm were so much bigger.


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