Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My New Hot Pink Cell Phone Case From CellAxs

As most of you know I recently bought a new cell phone. When I bought my cell phone I didn't pick up a case or a protective film at that time. Yesterday while I was out at our local mall with my husband we both decided to get cases. He needed a new one and I needed one period. I also decided to pick up a protective film while we was out as well. We both ended up purchasing our cell covers and my protective film at CellAxs. My husband got one something similar to a otter box for his. I like the one he choose, it's a really nice case. He got his for around $30.00. The one I choose isn't as nice or as bulky, but I loved mine, at least for a hour. I adore the color of mine, I just got a plain hot pink one. I think the pink case on the dark phone looks pretty nice. However the quality is crap! 

About a hour after getting it, I was in the car with my husband. We had our windows down and it was about 90 out. Naturally my hands was a bit clammy  since I was in the sun. I happened to look down at my hands and my hands and some of my leg was pink! The clamminess of my hands made the dye come off on me. It happened several times yesterday  even to my husband when he picked it up once, after washing his hands. I hope this color transfer things stops before I ruin any of my clothing or bags. However I have a feeling it wont. I have a feeling i'm going to end up buying me a new cover elsewhere. I paid $18.00 for mine, which may not be a whole lot of money, but considering it's just a plastic/gel case and apparently the quality is sucky, it's kind of a high price to pay for it!

As least my protective film is working out okay so far. She did at least do a good job putting it on, she cleaned it really well and I'm satisfied with my film. I just hate it my case has color transfer issues with sweat or water. It's a shame because I really liked the case. I know it's plain but I adore the color and the way it looked with the phone. Hopefully the transfer issues stop. Maybe it's just some left over dye residue or something, but I doubt it. Any way, here is some photos of my new case and my phone with it's protective film on it. Sorry about the finger prints I should have cleaned my phone before I took photos.

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