Sunday, August 4, 2013

My New Cell Phone - Straight Talk - Samsung Galaxy Centura

I've been wanting to get a new cell phone for a little while now. My contact was recently up on my AT&T phone and I was sick of the high price and not having anything to show for it. Plus I never cared much for the phone I had, so I decided to cut ties with AT&T. My husband had purchased a Straight Talk phone, several months back and liked it. I played around with his a bit and liked it as well, so I decided to go that route. It's a lot cheaper then my $85.00 a month plan where I didn't get texting, my data plan sucked, and a didn't get many minutes for my money. So now I get unlimited text, minutes and data all for only $45.00 a month. Which is a huge increase in what I gain and I really did cut my cell phone bill in half.

I decided to go with a Samsung Galaxy Centura. I have heard good things about Galaxy phones, plus it was the one I liked the most of the ones they had available. It was the mid priced phone, at I believe it was $98.99. 

I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet, however the little bit I have got to do with it, I love it! I haven't even had it 24 hours yet, I spent most of the time I've had it so far, setting it up.  It's a whole lot nicer then my old phone was, and i'm super happy with it so far. I still need to get a case for it, a carry case, and some protective films for it. (sorry about the finger prints, I haven't put it down much since I got it.)

This is my old phone, it was a HTC Surround. I hated this phone! The only thing that was cool about it, was that it had a slide out speaker on the bottom. Other then that, I never cared for it, didn't like the windows phone. I never could do much with it because of my plan. I just never took to this phone like I have with others in the past. I'm glad to be getting rid of it, and even happier to be rid of AT&T!


  1. I understand your feelings about your previous phone plan. In this state of a tight economy, we must get the value of the price we are paying. Your new phone's brand is one of the leading provider of good quality phones today. So great pick on that. I do hope that this phone is meeting your needs.

    Jonathan Schindelka @Pro Wireless

  2. Now that you've had some time to play with the Centura, do you upload pics to facebook or twitter? I'm wondering how the camera interface works and if the upload is seamless or if you have to toggle between apps. Sorry for the random post, but I don't know anyone around here with the Centura and haven't found any "real" ones in stores to play with. A google search led me to your blog, so I'm hoping you have some thoughts to share?!* Pretty please?! :)

  3. Well I'm afraid I can't help you. I don't have Facebook or Twitter. Facebook is a joke it's nothing but a gossip tool and Twitter was silly, so I never use either. I have used the camera feature and transferred photos from the phone to my laptop, which worked perfectly fine, seems to have a great camera on it.It comes with a USB cable so you can transfer things to and from your computer. So if you'd add the photos to your computer it would probably upload like any other picture you'd use on any website. Sorry I can't be of more help for you, I basically use my phone for radio, messaging, and talking, and a few rare photos here and there, I don't get super fancy with it.

  4. Thanks for the tips! We use facebook to keep grandma in touch with the kids. I actually used it this morning to show us waiting in the rain for the school bus. It was very quick to upload to FB and stayed within the camera app... very seamless experience! I will look into transferring data via usb since I don't have an SDcard yet. it is a great phone and love that it's available for pay-as-you-go service with no extra connections fees for wifi (as you stated about ATT, we're SO glad to be done with VZ!). Thanks again for your post! Cheers! from me (the previous poster)


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