Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wal-Mart Haul...Yeah You Read That Right!

I'm going to do something that I have never done on Glamorous Addiction, a Wal-Mart haul. I'm never in Wal-Mart much anymore these days. I have a better, nicer, grocery store closer to home, so I don't buy groceries there. I go in from time to time for odds and ends that are not super important that I feel I can get a good price for there, but that's where it ends. Yesterday I had specific purpose for being at Wal-Mart, and while I was there I picked up a few extra things.

The main reason I went was to pick up a new cellphone. I'm going to do a whole separate post for my new phone. So I'm not going to reveal too much information on it. I also picked up a phone card to go with it (which isn't pictured).

While I was there I decided to look around for me some more silicone cases. I have two coin purses I picked up from the dollar store and I love them. I know they are pretty popular now, so I thought Wal-Mart may have some cheap ones. I was right, only had one style but they did have some. I bought neon orange and neon pink. They also had neon green, neon purple, and a bright blue. They are pencil cases, but you can use them for anything. I found mine around the school supplies, if you are interested in picking some up, you can find them there.

While I was looking around I decided I needed up pick up a small travel mirror to keep in my purse. I had needed one earlier in the day and didn't have one, so Wal-Mart was the perfect place to look for one. I went to the hair section thinking I may find one there, since I didn't see one around the makeup. Well while I was in the hair section I didn't find a mirror but I did find me a new travel brush and some new hair ties. I have a travel brush but mine kind of sucks, so I decided to get a better one for my purse,and of course it's neon orange. I also saw the hair ties and since i'm in a none state of mind, I picked them up. I can always use new hair ties!

I finally found my travel mirror in the travel items section. It's nothing special just a little blue compact mirror.

From there I decided to go to the odds and ends section around the handbags. I thought I may find a cute cheap key chain to turn into a purse charm (which I didn't). While I was there I found a fake pearl necklace and decided to pick one up. I've never owned or wore pearls and i'm been curious as to of how I may like them. I didn't want to spend a couple of hundred to test them, so I thought a cheap fake pair may give me a idea how i'll like them, so I bought me a pair. These may be one of those things I buy and never use, but at least I didn't spend out a few hundred.

In that section they had socks near by, and I saw neon socks. Well those got picked up as soon as I saw them! (sorry the photo on the bottom got washed out).

The last thing I picked up was a book. I decided to browse the book section to see what I could find. Well I saw this book, and it had been on my to read list for awhile, so i picked it up. I got a pretty good deal on it too, only $12.00! Normally they are much higher at BAM! Any ways the books I got was Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I read Beautiful Disaster several months back, as far back as this past Winter. Ever since then I've been waiting for the second book and been meaning to pick it up since it came out in May I believe it was. I never did get around to picking it up, until yesterday.

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