Saturday, September 3, 2011

Escada Taj Sunset Review

Escada Taj Sunset (Deluxe Sample)
Grade: D
Purchase Price: Free
Purchase Place: Sephora
Full Size: 1.6 Oz  Price: $55.00 (other sizes available)

This is a deluxe sample that I received from Sephora for free. I was really excited about getting this sample because I had heard a few things about Taj Sunset before and was curious about it. I recently decided to use my deluxe sample the last two days and while the scent is a very beautiful scent, it has NO staying power. When i first opened it I really liked the bottle, it has one of tops that you kind of have to work a little and be careful with to pop off and than you just dab the bottle where ever you choose. To me the scent is very nice it smells very strongly of peach and citrus, very summery. I loved it at first smell and put on a lot. I put this very heavily on my chest, and wrist and arms. As much as I put on someone close to me should have been able to smell it. However after i got it on and it dried I couldn't even smell it unless I put my wrist to my noise and than it was a very faint smell. I even asked my husband if he could smell my new perfume and he said "no I didn't even know you was wearing any, I don't smell a thing". I generally apply my perfume and body sprays pretty heavy especially in the summer or if it's a summery scent since they tend to be lighter so it should be smelled. However I couldn't smell it either day i put it on. I even applied it twice on one of the days within a hours time and both times of putting it on I applied it heavily and still couldn't smell it. It seems that once I put this scent on it just disappears because within five to ten minutes of applying i could no longer smell it and it was like I never put any on. Overall it is a pretty scent especially if you love summery citrus smells but I don't recommend purchasing especially if you are like me and want others as well as yourself to smell the scent your wearing. I'm pretty disappointed because had it have had staying power I would have purchased the full size for sure because I love the smell.

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