Friday, September 2, 2011

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronze Tint SPF 20 Review

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Bronze Tint SPF 20 (Deluxe Sample)
Grade: D+
Purchase Price: Free
Purchase Place Sephora
Full Size: 1.0 Oz Price: $30.00

with flash in natural light

without flash in natural light

I got this free when I made some Sephora purchases in the spring. I saw a code to get the deluxe sample for free and decided it was something I wanted to try. I've been using this since May and honestly I'm not that impressed. Now I do love many Too Faced products but this just wasn't one that I loved. I think this product has both good qualities and bad qualities. As for the good in this product is that you only need to use a little to fully cover your face. My tube has lasted me since May and it's September and I'm only a little over half way though the tube. I use this nearly every time I apply my makeup and I apply makeup anywhere from 2-3 times per week, sometimes more sometimes less. I do notice that when I apply this my face does feel softer and it does give my face a nice bronze tint and seems to help with discoloration. I also notice that it tends to make my makeup look good when I first put my makeup on, or at least better than it would if I would apply my makeup by it's self. However that is about where the good in this product ends for me. It does not seem to minimize pores, or achieve a flawless look. It does nothing for deep scars left by acne and does not seem to minimize oil. When I arrive home after a few hours of being out my foundation is all but gone, I'm shiny, and my pores and overall complexion look horrible. Now I have used several primers and this one seems to be the worst of the ones I've tried. Now you may ask yourself why I use this all the time if I do not like it. For me I do like the bronze tint and it helps amp up my tan on my face and cuts out the need for bronzer and mainly I've just been wanting to continue to use it for review purposes and mainly just to use it all up before the summer is over, because I can't get any use out of it in the winter. Plus I'd rather go ahead and use this all up and save my better primers for another day. I did not notice any skin irritation from this but it does have a scent. To me it smells very much like suntan lotion, which I do like, but if you hate the smell of suntan lotion you will not like the scent of this product. However after I apply makeup over the the primer I do not notice the smell any longer. If you are still interested in purchasing this product if I was you I would go with a sample size or a deluxe sample size if you can find it to see how you like it first before making the $30.00 purchase. To me the product isn't worth the $30.00 price tag, there are better primers out there for the price.

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