Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coach Garden Mix Key Fob

I hadn't really planned on buying anything from the Coach outlet but I couldn't resist one small purchase.
I decided to buy the Coach garden mix key fob  I mainly bought it because it reminds me of what my mother and I do every single mothers day. It's a tradition that we always buy flowers and plant flowers together on mothers day. This mothers day was pretty special to us both and this key fob happened to pop up at the exact same time so I bought myself one. I want to buy my mother one as well, but right when I went to purchase her one they took them off the site. I keep hoping they will add them back to the outlet sell, but so far no luck. I love this key fob so far, it's so cute. The little watering can has the Coach C on it as you can see and the little bee has coach written across his black stripe, which my camera didn't do a very good job of showing. 

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