Thursday, November 22, 2012

Coach Haul - Went to the Factory Store

I went to an outlet mall yesterday, and I had planned to go for about two weeks. I don't get to go often due to the fact it is a long drive about a 4-6 hour drive total, depending on traffic, speed and how many times you stop. I wanted to go to the outlet for more reasons then one. However the number one reason was to go to the Coach Factory store. I wanted to purchase some items for me as well as some Christmas gifts for others. A day or so before I went to the outlet a received a card in the mail for the factory store. It was a coupon for 30% off plus an additional 10% if you give them your e-mail address. Well I was overjoyed. I love a good deal, and especially love getting anything from Coach for a good deal. The sale is going on now through Dec 2nd so if you have a outlet near you, check it out. However I will warn you that unless you receive the card in the mail  the best discount you can expect (well with the exception of Black Friday, they may have a slightly better deal) is 30% off and they hand the coupons out at the door.

This is what the coupon looked like..

Also I just want to apologize for the photos. I ended up fighting with my camera for this haul and some photos took better then others. Please work with me here, I took the best photos I could given my current light situation  I took half of these at night and half of these during the early morning light. It was cloudy / shady this morning so the flash really ended up giving me fits.I know one thing the next big electronic purchase I make is going to be a brand new digital camera.

The Coach outlet I go to where I live just recently moved to a new building within the outlet mall. They moved to a much bigger store, and the Coach outlet doubled in size! I was so happy to see that now only is the store bigger they added a men's section. The women's size is twice what it once was and the men's size has a pretty good sized section.

I ended up buying two bags worth of Coach goodies, 9 items total. Plus 9 boxes and a extra Coach shopping bag. I have something planned for the extra Coach bag if I can keep from tearing it up until I do it.

When I first entered the store it was pretty busy, not overwhelmingly so but busy none the less. As soon as I stepped though the door my heart started beating really fast. lol I get kind of excited over the Coach Factory store, I think a lot of us Coachies know that feeling of excitement when they first step into the store and there is so many options, so many things you see that you want right off the bat. Generally I get so excited that I don't know where to start first but not that day, I already knew what I wanted to look at first...

The First place I went in the outlet was straight to the charms by the register. I had heard that my outlet had the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry in early Nov. and I was curious to see if they still had it. Well low and behold as soon as my eyes met the charm section there was one lone Chocolate Dipped Strawberry just waiting to come home with me! I grabbed it up as soon as I saw it before anyone else had a chance to get it. I've wanted it since this past Valentines Day and I finally found it. This is a Coach goody for me, not a gift.
Orig: $38.00 Marked down to: $19.00 Price with discount: $13.30

If you are curious to know what other charms I saw at my outlet I also saw:
yellow fuzzy chick, key and siggy heart, snow girl, and a polar bear among others. Truthfully the only other charm I liked was the Heart and key. I didn't pick it up but I wish I would have now, it was cute. Other the that there wasn't too much exciting with the charms section.

Moving on to my next purchase I ended up buying this SoHo Buckle Print Umbrella. I actually purchased this as a Christmas gift for my grandmother. My mom bought my grandmother her first Coach bag last Christmas so this year I bought her a umbrella. She needed a nice one, the one she has looks like a child's umbrella. It's yellow, green and purple with ruffles and besides it's half tore up. So when I decided to get her this umbrella and hopefully she will use it, take care of it and not tear it up.
Orig: $88.00 Marked down to: $49.00 Price with discount: $30.87

The next item I purchased was also a umbrella, but this one is for myself. I bought the Inlaid C Umbrella in Magenta. I originally liked two umbrellas that they had the other being a different siggy print in purple and orange, mixed with other colors, but I ended up deciding on the Inlaid C. I had in mind of purchasing a umbrella before I went to the outlet. I had one Coach umbrella already and wanted something just a little different then what I had so I picked one up.
Orig: $88.00 Marked down to: $39.99 Price with discount: $25.19

The next item, is something that I had kind of planned on getting before I got it. I had planned to buy a wristlet, a larger one to carry on days I didn't want to carry a handbag. As soon as my eyes met this Pop Madras Large Wrstlet I fell in love. It reminds me of summer, it's bright and colorful and I just loved it. They had about 5 of them and I grabbed it up like it was the last one on the rack. I know I know I must learn to control my excitement over this Coach stuff. lol
Orig: $98.00 Marked down to: $69.00 Price with discount: $48.30

While I was looking around on the womens side of the store, I sent my husband over to the men's side to pick himself out a wallet. He had mentioned that he would like to have one a year or so ago and I decided to get it this year for him as a Christmas gift. This is the wallet he picked out.the CHS Passcase ID Wallet. in Khaki / Brown.
Orig: $148.00 Marked down to: $109.00 Price with discount: $68.67

I also ended up purchasing a ponytail scarf. I actually love buying these to accent my handbags with. I love to do the scarf bows, or just tie it in a knot and let it hang from my bag. I bought the Sis Tartan Pony, I have last years version and love it, so I got this years.
Orig: $38.00 Marked down to: $19.00 Price with discount: $13.30

I also ended up buying another ponytail scarf. I wanted something colorful and bright and i ended up asking a SA if they might have something bright in the back. She ended up bringing a bag of scarves out and when she pulled this one out I knew this was the one i'd take of the ones available. I bought the Dsy Pop C Print Pony. I really like this not only because it was bright, but I love the blue color on the back side, reminds me of a ocean.
Orig: $42.00 Marked down to: $29.00 Price with discount: $20.30

The next item I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, I think it was mainly the color. It the Pop Liq Gls Zippy in Magenta. They only had 2 so as soon as I saw it I picked it up because I knew it was coming home with me.
Orig: $118.00 Marked down to: $69.00 Price with discount: $43.47

The last item I purchased was a wristlet. I actually didn't know I was going to purchase it until the last minute and I saw it for only $29.00 and ended up tossing it on top of the pile. I have something similar to this in gold. I really like the gunmetal grey and how it shimmers. The last item I bought for myself was Sis 3 Cl Met Small Wristlet.
Orig: $58.00 Marked down to: $29.00 Price with discount: $18.27

So before the savings deduction my total cost was: $431.99 
After deductions I actually spent: $281.99
My total savings for the day: $150.00 

So for the people wanting to know what other things I saw at the outlet there was the Poppy Groovy in the same poppy print as my scarf (not tartan) and some other prints. They had the MFF ocelot print, which is a purple and black and they had the bags and accessories with that print on it. Truthfully that is all that stuck out in my head as far as bags go. I didn't look at bags much just accessories.

I saw a lot of things I would have loved to have bought but did not purchase. I saw a coral colored leather wallet I wish I would have went ahead and bought, it was 50% off and it was beautiful but in the end I went with the Magenta Zippy over it. Wish I would have went ahead and bought both, but sadly I did not. I wish I would have bought the lock and siggy key fob as well. Well everyone that pretty much the end of it. I had a excellent day shopping and I hope everyone enjoyed the haul!

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