Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bodycology Island Coconut Hand & Body Lotion Review

Bodycology Island Coconut Hand & Body Lotion
Grade: C (average everyday lotion)
Purchase Place: Ulta
Purchase Price : $3.74 (on sale)
Regular Price $4.99
Other info: Bodycology lotion comes in several other scents as well.

I was shopping at Ulta one day stocking up for fall at the time and was interested in purchasing some lotion and happened to see the Bodycology lotion sale and noticed they had a scent called Island Coconut. Being that I'm a sucker for all things coconut scented I picked up and decided to purchase it. Plus I had never tried a Bodycology product before so I was curious about it which also was a part of why i purchased the lotion. I'm happy I made the purchase because I love the smell of it. To me Island Coconut reminds me a lot of Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut but just a little different. I only use this lotion on my hands and it moisturizes well. Honestly I like it but it's nothing new to me it works just like most lotions, nothing spectacular, but I do like it. Which is pretty much why I gave it a C given that it's nothing to rave about and go crazy over however I do still like it and it's a decent product. I only have one complaint about it and it is that the lotion can be a little greasy, it leaves that kind of greasy feeling behind, like many other lotions do. Other than that I'm pretty happy with it. I got the 12oz bottle for only $3.74 and it was regularly priced $4.99 which to me was a good deal. It's a pretty good sized bottle and given that I only use on my hands the one bottle will last me a really long time. I've never used this on severely dry skin I just use this lotion for everyday dryness. I tend to use this lotion if my hands feel a little dry during the day I put some of this on my hands and it works well for that purpose. In the future if I ever see bodycology lotion on sale again for a good price I will more than likely purchase another bottle to use for everyday dryness.

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  1. I have disagree with you. I love this lotion. I have dry skin at the moment and this lotion does not soak in in 10 seconds, but within a minute it is soaked in and my skin feels great. now let's talk about the scent, I love this. great for summer.


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