Monday, March 19, 2012

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish - Trafalgar Square Review

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish - Trafalgar Square
Grade: C+
Purchase Place: Sephora
Purchase Price: $16.00

This is one of those products that as soon as I saw it i knew I had to buy it. I bought it a couple of months ago and just got around to using it recently, i tried it on my toes. There are some good things about this and some bad things, which is why I gave it a C+.The color I bought was Trafalgar Square which is a slightly shimmery silver gray, which is pretty. When I first went to use the polish mine has a label that says peel for directions, well the only problem is there is only two sets of directions and both are not English. So I had to log onto to get the directions, which is some of what factored into my C+ grade. If you are going to make a product like this there needs to be directions that everyone in that country it's sold in can understand...maybe make it come in a box with a small set of instructions, so someone don't have to Google directions before applying. After that i followed the instructions that is stated on The first go of it I guess I didn't apply enough nail polish because it didn't do anything at all. The second go around of trying to use this polish I applied a good amount because it does say apply a generous amount...well it worked but it was very messy. It ended up running down the side of my toes which I had to clean up before I finished. Given that I had to apply so much for the effect to work it also took forever to dry. The effect it gives is really cool and pretty but it's hard to get just the right amount for it to work without making a mess. For me even with a base and top coat I didn't get much wear of it before it chipped. Given that it was $16.00 and how long it took to work with it, to me the polish wasn't worth it's price,I don't believe that I will ever purchase again.

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