Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's In My Bag - August 2013 - Vera Bradley Mandy in Island Blooms

The bag that i'm carrying this month hasn't changed all summer. I've carried it since I bought it. For those of you who are not familiar with it, my bag is by Vera Bradley. It's the Mandy bag in the print Island Blooms. For those of you who read my blog regularly, the bag isn't anything new to you. While my bag has not changed much this summer, what is inside it has changed. So if you are curious what i'm not carrying day to day inside my bag, check out the new photos!

I bought be another silicon change purse, from the dollar tree. I saw a hot pink one and picked it up a week or two ago. If you are interested in one I think all of the dollar tree stores have them. I've seen them in several different dollar store locations. They come in yellow, blue, pink and a few other colors. I think i may pick up the other colors as well. I like them, mainly because you can clean them with soap and water and the dirt from the change don't ruin them.

I've also got my Coach key chain in my bag. I need to get me a new everyday one, mine is getting old. The metallic gold color is wearing off mine, but overall it's in good shape, you can just see the brown leather under the gold now. And the metal part is beginning to look a little old, like some sort of coating is coming off. 

Other then that, just have a basic pen and a basic usb.

My change.

I keep hair bands, clips and a travel hair brush in my bag. I keep them wrapped in plastic baggies so they stay good and clean. I gotta get some more Vera Bradley pouches for them.

I also recently bought be a new hot pink notebook for my bag. I like keeping one in my bag, i'm all the time having to write down numbers or information so i like to keep one handy.

I also have my Coach Ocelot Business Card case i turned into a small wallet and my hallmark calendar.

I also have my Vera Bradley large makeup case in the pattern Call Me Coral in my bag.

Since i'm often around someone who deals with Low Blood Sugar a lot, I decided to make up a care kit for that person. I decided to keep pixie stix, and snickers in my bag for them, when they are having low blood sugar issues, I start handing over candy. It's convenient, and easier then having to stop and buy candy or something else.

My Coach Umbrella

Finally everything all together.

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