Monday, November 21, 2011

Ulta Eyeshadow Singles Review

Ulta Eyeshadow Singles
Grade: D-
Purchase Price: At the time they was $7.00 each regularly priced but I purchased for $3.00 each
Purchase Place: Ulta
Colors purchased: Bloom, Sunburst, Seashell, and Zephyr

I decided to purchase these eyeshadows last spring and bought all four at one time during a sale. I was excited to try them and had never used Ulta Eyeshadows until that point. What I expected was a decent shadow, with decent pigmentation, not the best but decent. What I ended up with was probably the worst eyeshadow i've ever purchased. The colors looked pretty in the pan however when I swatched them and played around with them after I got them the color was not as vibrant as I expected it to be. About the only good thing I have to say about these shadows is that they didn't irritate my eyes or make them feel tired. When i applied them dry I couldn't see them, I had to apply a lot to see color on my eyes and then it just looked cakey and awful. So I decided to apply wet the next time I used them, which was a big mistake. I still had little to no color and the color that did apply was streaky and uneven. I tried using both brushes and sponge applicators and nothing I did with them worked for me. Eventually after figuring there was nothing that I could do with them I eventually tossed them in the trash. Unless they have changed the formula since I last bought Ulta eyeshadows, I must say these are awful. I do know they have changed packaging since I bought these so maybe they updated the formula as well. All i know is no matter if these are on sale again or not I know I wont be purchasing these again.

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