Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fake Coach Bags...What's the Point?

Once upon a time there was a time that I had no clue what a fake bag was, didn't even know that they was made. Upon going to a county fair I saw all of these "designer" bags for sale and thought I was in heaven. There was all sorts from from Coach to Louis Vuitton and more! So being that I knew nothing of fake bags, I assumed these was real, but had some sort of flaw where they couldn't be sold in department stores...maybe outdated styles from years ago that had not sold. They looked exactly like bags I had seen or bought in the past. Whatever the case, I went nuts, bought bags and accessories like crazy. Spending $60-$90 a bag. At the end of the day I was proud of all my bargains and went home feeling pretty dang happy. Fast forward about six months later maybe a little longer I stumbled upon information on fake bags online. To my dismay I learned all of my bags and accessories I had purchased that day had been fake. So not only did I waste money, but my bags and accessories now officially sucked! That said I eventually sold all of them in yard sales or they ended up tearing up within 8-12 months. I learned of the Coach outlet and now no longer buy fake anything...bags or not. Not even the higher end designers!

The reason I told my sorted little fake bag story was that I wonder why people are bothering to buy fake Coach bags and accessories? I guess I can somewhat understand buying fake Louis Vuitton, Chanel or any other high end knockoff. If you want the look without the hefty price tag. Maybe you are rough on your bags and would rather tear up your $65.00 "Chanel" bag then the over $2,000 real bag. However fake Coach bags seem pointless to me. You can buy authentic Coach bags and accessories at the outlet for less then you pay for the fake Coach bags and accessories.

I at one time seen a ton of these after I learned what fake bags was. However I guess after people learned like me, that the bags wasn't real, I saw the trend die off. Now most people I see have real bags but there are a few out there, who still buy these things, because I do still see them. I saw several on my recent trip to SC, and I wonder why these women and girls are buying these fake bags still?

Is it that they just don't know any better? Do they feel they are getting a deal on fake bags vs MFF bags? Do they simply for some reason or another prefer to buy fake bags over real ones? Do they not know of the outlet? I'm not sure...i'm puzzled. I know there is a ton of information out there these days on fake bags, so I'm doubting they just don't know any better, but I guess it could be. 

If you buy or own fake coach bags, why do you do so? I'm not asking because i'm going to bash you and tell you 15 different reasons not to buy them, i'm just curious. It's your money you do what you want with it! However I don't understand why people are paying the same prices or higher for fake Coach bags when you can own a real Coach bag for the same price or cheaper.

Feel free to toss your two cents in and leave a comment, esp if you are a fake Coach bag buyer. I'm curious to see peoples opinions on this one!

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