Monday, December 31, 2012

My Coach Charm / Key Fob Collection

I just recently got into collecting Coach charms and key fobs. I had a few I had previously bought, but the majority of my collection has been bought more recently. I plan to expand my collection as I find charms / fobs I like. I also plan to come up with some way to display these charms so that the display is both eye pleasing and protective. I don't want them exposed to dust and dirt or possible scratches. I currently keep them in my chest in a special area I have set aside for accessories, in their dist bags.

As I get fobs / charms I'll update so keep checking back!
Current Count: 13

Strawberry Charm

Multi Lozenge Hangtag Charm - Boutique / 2012

Single Legacy Tassel Key Ring in Champagne / Boutique / 2012

Valentines Day Multi Mix Key Fob - Outlet - 2012

Single Legacy Tassel Key Ring in Cobalt / Boutique /  2012

MFF Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - Outlet - 2012

Signature Heart Lock & Key Fob - Outlet - 2012

Rabbit Fob

Coach Pink Pave Heart Fob

Legacy Stripe Heart Charm (at one time it had lipgloss in it)

Garden Mix Key Fob - May 2013 - Outlet Purchase

Coach Glitter Watermelon Fob - Summer 2013

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