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Coach Outlet Haul

As some of you may have seen I recently made a post (which I've since deleted) asking all of you for help deciding on what to do as far as purchasing goes, and gave all of you two options. Well I ended up deciding on my own shortly after posting and decided to go with Coach. I had a yard sale a few weeks back and decided to sale off some of my older Coach bags, accessories and other designer accessories. The ones I decided to sale was the items that I either didn't want anymore or wasn't using. I then took the money from the sale of those items and put it back into my collection to buy me some new items I did want and would use. After I sold two of my items I kind of wish I wouldn't have but it was for the best it was getting dirty and wasn't being used so it got sold. Anyone curious to see the items I sold?

First off is the item I kind of wish I didn't sale. It's my Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Tote I bought for FP at Macys (before I discovered the outlet) and the bag kind of had meaning to it because it was bought to mark a special occasion way back in 2007. I always loved this bag but it was dirty in a few places and I hadn't carried it for awhile so as a spur of the moment decision I decided to sell it. Also this is a much older photo taken right after I had bought it and long before I got married and moved out of my parents home.Sorry for the old photos but they are the only ones I could find of the bag that I still had.

I decided to sell my Kate Spade Wristlet that I bought on our honeymoon. Again this item had special meaning and I do kind of regret selling it but again same reason as with the Coach Hamptons it had some dirt on it and wasn't being used, so out it went. Again older picture, taken after we got back from our HM.

The next item I simply just threw away. It's a Coach wristlet, can't remember the name right off the top of my head, but believe it had something to do with the Hamptons line??? Can't remember, any ways I also bought this item FP from Macys several years back. I had used this item for many years as a change purse (Hey I know it's huge for a change purse but I use change a lot it comes in handy!) and the inside lining which was the tattersall print was simply just filthy, there is no other way to describe it's inside. I knew I couldn't use it for anything other then change(and didn't want to do that anymore) and doubt anyone would want to buy it, so it hit the trash. I know not the best photo of the wristlet, but you get the idea of how it looked.

The next item is one that I didn't mind selling and was the first item in my sale pile, as far as my bags and accessories went. It's my hot pink and khaki signature stripe shoulder bag. Which I bought many years back, and it became my workhorse bag for years. I must have used this thing every day for 3 years, loved the bag but got sick of seeing it. Not only that reason but it had been to work with me in a florist and had been sprayed with Lysol (yeah, used to do it because my supervisor bought her 3 year old son to work with her all of the time and he was sick ALL of the time and I kept getting sick because of it so i'd always disinfect everything that went to work with me, never hurt the bag at all as far as stain or damage went) and it reeked of lysol and truthfully just needed to go. I had quit carrying it over a year ago and had not touched it since, so sick of seeing it couldn't stand to carry it anymore. I ended up selling it and happy to be rid of it. However I must say this bag was in great shape when it was sold, no damge. This bag took a pounding and kept on going for years, great bag and it was MFF, still going strong for lady who bought it! Obviously a old picture again when I first bought it, sorry.

The last item that I tried to sell was my MFF Leather Zoe. I had only ever used this bag once, it's in excellent shape, exactly like you just clipped the tags. After I bought it, I didn't like it and had already clipped the tags when I decided I didn't like it, so it couldn't go back. I only bought it for two reasons, one it was a Zoe, and I had been wanting one because at the time they were popular and I just had to have one. Two I liked the color. However I learned I don't care much for plain leather bags, I gotta have something fun to look at. It's sat in my closet 2-3 years maybe longer and only been used once directly after I got it, since then it's been gathering dust. So obviously I decided to sell it. This is the only item that did not sell, I couldn't even give the thing away. It sat at my yard sale, two whole days, no one even asked me about it or looked at it. All of my other bags sold like hot cakes, except this one. I guess people don't care for leather bags, or maybe didn't know it was Coach? However I did have a sign attached to it stating it was a real Coach bag, couldn't miss the sign I had it to where you could see it, esp. the second day. Plus my other siggy bags sold for way more money then what I had this marked for (since no one seemed interested I put a really low price on it) Oh well, I still have it, but it's sitting at my moms because I forgot to bring it back home with me after the sale. Older photo yet again, when I first bought it.

So that's it for the things I sold, anyone ready to see what I decided to buy? I ended up buying four things, and one was a item I've had on my wishlist for what seems like forever, and I never thought i'd find it to buy at the outlet, but I did and i'm super excited! Ready to see what I bought? Okay here we go!

Any guesses of whats inside?

So I decided to show this item first, because it is the item I am most excited about. It's been on my wishlist for ages and I thought i'd never find one out the outlet to buy, but I did and I am super super excited about it. I bought the glitter watermelon key fob. I adore watermelon items, my kitchen even has watermelons in it. I adore this little fob, the watermelon is actually pretty good size, I didn't expect it to be so big, seemed smaller online. However I do love its size, I love everything about it and can not wait to clip it on my bag! It's so cute and simply perfect for summer. 

The next item I bought was a bag. Since I sold several bags, I mainly wanted my purchases to be bags. After looking online for a few days and trying to narrow down the ones I wanted and I decided on buying the Signature Stripe PVC Swingpack. I've never owned a swingpack before but has been curious about it and wanted to give one a try for awhile now. I thought it might be nice for days when I want to travel super light. It's small but I think i'm going to like it. I tried to pick bags that can be wore several different ways and crossbody wear is a must! They had 3-4 colors to choose from in this particular style and I decided on the Orange. I am happy I choose the color I did, it's a bright and fun bag to carry especially for summer. The bag has kind of a odd smell to it, I guess it's the coated canvas. I've only owned one coated canvas item before and it was the Coach wristlet I just threw away, but I don't remember any odd smell from it. Oh well I still love the bag any way and can not wait to try it out. Sorry no modeling photos, yet. However I will try to do a post later on with some modeling shots.

So the next bag I bought is kind of a replacement bag for two different bags of mine. It's a replacement for my signature stripe shoulder bag, and my file bag. Now ya'll know what happened to my SS bag but as for my file bag to be honest i'm not even sure what happened to it myself. I went to get it out a few weeks back to carry and I noticed all these what appear to be dirt marks or stains on it. I haven't carried it all that much maybe 5 times? In those five times I never remember it being dirty or stained for that matter, wouldn't know how it could get that way because unless I make one my work horse bag i'm pretty careful with them. All I know it was in a Coach shopping bag under some other bags that looked perfectly fine, in my closet. The back of the bag looks stained and the front is dirty in places. I've been meaning to throw it in the wash or take it to the cleaners as a last ditch attempt to be able to use it again. However in case that don't happen I wanted a replacement. Any way enough of my going on, lets move on to the purchase! I decided to buy the Signature Stripe Duffle in Hibiscus. Now I have no idea why they call it a duffle, it looks nothing like what I think a duffle looks like, to be honest the shape is more like my file bag, I'll even post compare photos. As for the color it reminds me of the Siggy Stripe on my bag I sold. I adore the color, again it's bright and fun and if you love pink you will LOVE this bag! It's pink all over inside and out and it's a bright pink. It can be wore either on the shoulder or crossbody(which is my favorite).It has pockets inside as usual and it has one slip pocket on the back of the bag. I adore this bag, it even comes with two hangtags, which i love.

Here is my file bag to make comparisons in shape and size.

The last item I bought was also a bag, and also a bag that can be wore 4 different ways including crossbody.  I decided on the Kyra Signature Tote. Now I didn't pay to much attention to it when I bought it but after I unwrapped it I noticed it, it's basically the same shape as my Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Tote, just slightly different and a different print. So I guess I bought a replacement for that bag as well without even trying. What originally drew me to this bag is that it comes with a cute blue flower charm already attached to the bag. The flower has Coach written on one of the petals, which my photos didn't pick up. It's so cute and I love how your bag already comes with a charm. I also picked this bag because it can be wore tons of ways, 2 different ways on the shoulder, crossbody and on the arm or in the hand. Looking at it on a model online I loved how it looked worn as a crossbody so that kind of sold it for me as well. After getting a chance to look at it unwrapped I love it even more and it has a beautiful lilac interior. It's roomy with pockets and cute detailing, and has a detachable strap.

One last photo and then i'm done, hope ya'll enjoyed it! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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