Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY Seashell and Sand Decor Ideas

Have you ever wondered what to do with all the seashells you bring home from vacation? Well I have several ideas for all of those shells. I started doing this I would say maybe 8 years ago before I was ever married. My family used to take vacations to SC just about every year and of course I'd go with them and like most people I'd bring a ton of seashells home, but never really had anything to do with them. One year when we went I really had no desire to leave and was taking going back home pretty hard so I bought a little extra something home with me. I decided to fill 3 water bottles up with wet sand from the ocean to bring home with me because I thought I could kind of bottle of the sea water sent to have for a little while. Well after the vacation was over and done and i had adjusted to being back home, I was putting up my things from vacation and saw the sand and shells and got the bright idea to make some decorations out of it. When I looked around the house I found several empty vases and filled them half way with sand than laid shells on top of that until I was happy with how it looked and set them around the bedroom. Ever since then it's become a thing with me that every time I go to the beach I have to bring home bottles of sand and shells to make decorations out of for the house, I must have 20+ sand and shell decorations around the house now. I really went crazy with the whole sand and shell idea when my husband and I got married, we got married on the beach and now I have sand and shell decor around the house from our wedding / honeymoon. I think it's a great idea to showcase shells you find, and it's also a excellent way to remember vacations or special moments past. Below are some of the things I decided to do my my sand and shells. I'm sure there are lots of other creative ways to display sand and shells but these are a few of my ideas.

If you have a empty vase laying around the house, they work wonderfully for this purpose. As for the colored glass gems, those was my husbands idea to add a little color it.

You can even flip over larger shells to make votive holders out of them!

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