Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's In My Bag June 2013 - Vera Bradley Mandy Island Blooms

Well for all of you curious to see my Mandy bag filled and ready to use, here she is! I've been using this bag since I received it and I LOVE it. I'm so happy I bought this bag, it works wonderfully for me. I can carry as much or as little as a like. Some days I tend to carry more then others and recently I've been carrying around a lot more then normal. Even with everything I have in the bag, it's not even half way filled and I've barely utilized the pockets.

What you are looking at:
My cellphone
One of my Coach umbrellas
My keys, complete with a Coach key chain (I need to get me a new one!)
Our Garmin Nuvi GPS we just bought a few weeks back
The cords and holder to our Garmin (I need to get something to store these in)
Change Purse
My Coach Ocelot business card case (I turned into a small wallet)
my hallmark calendar (love freebees!)

Here she is filled. I keep the Garmin in the front pocket when I carry it. As I said I need something to carry the holder and cords in, maybe a large Vera makeup bag? I believe I have one somewhere, but wouldn't mind buying a new one because they do come in handy to have several in all sizes. My phone isn't in the bag because the hubby was using it for business at the moment.

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